This US state is the very best in the country at playing Wordle

A new study looks at where in the world people are best at solving popular word game Worlde

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It seems like everyone in the world is constantly playing Wordle these days—but are certain cities and states better than others at solving the popular word game? According to a new study by Wordtips, a website that helps folks succeed at similar games, the answer is yes.

Useres are constantly looking for the best way to play Wordle, searching for hacks to improve their strategy, but it seems like players in North Dakota are the very best across the United States. 

To figure out the ranking, Wordtips analyzed 195,248 tweets associated to the hashtag #wordle. They then grouped the data by user location (city, state, country). 

With an average try of 3.65, North Dakota came out on top. Rounding out the top three are Delaware (3.70 tries on average) and New Hampshire (3.73 tries on average). According to the survey, players in Alaska and Nebraska are in most need to step up their game, each one with an average of 4.22 tries per match.


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The report goes into more detail, looking at the best American cities at playing Wordle. St. Paul in Minnesota tops that list with 3.51 average tries, followed by Reading in Pennsylvania and Ann Harbor in Michigan. We imagine that these specific players know all about the Wordle hack that seems to be the key to cracking the word in under four tries.

You might perhaps be wondering how your score fares when measured against the world as a whole. Believe it or not, the survey can speak to that data as well. 

On a worldwide scale, the United States ranks as the 18th best country to play the game (3.92 average tries on a national scale). Sweden actually appears to be the best nation to play the game overall (3.72 tries on average), followed by Switzerland (3.78 average tries) and Poland (3.79 average tries). 

According to the study, Kenya averages the most tries when trying to solve the word of the day.

This is all to say: when you’re getting frustrated and can’t seem to figure out the day’s Wordle word, worry not! There’s always someone faring worse (and better!) than you around the world.

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