Why Kate Middleton’s comparisons to Princess Diana are about to get ‘magnitudes worse’

The Duchess of Cambridge will face even more comparisons to the late Diana when Prince Charles becomes King, a royal expert has warned

Kate Middleton’s comparisons to Diana to get ‘magnitudes worse’
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Kate Middleton's 'relentless' comparisons to Princess Diana will only intensify when the Duchess of Cambridge's title changes, a royal expert has warned. 

  • Kate Middleton's comparisons to Princess Diana are set to get 'magnitudes worse' in the future, a royal expert has warned. 
  • The Duchess of Cambridge has been likened to the Princess of Wales countless times since marrying Prince William in 2011, with many of her glamorous outfits and public engagements conjuring up fond memories of the late royal icon. 
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Kate Middleton's public persona as a senior royal has long drawn comparisons to the late Princess Diana – and it looks like it's only about to get worse. 

The Duchess of Cambridge will be known as the Princess of Wales when Prince Charles ascends the throne, automatically inheriting the title of her late mother-in-law and becoming the first female royal to go by the regal moniker since 1997. (Duchess Camilla, as the second wife of the Prince of Wales and future Queen Consort, technically holds Diana's former title too, but has never formally been referred to it as a mark of respect). 

Ever since she married Prince William in 2011, the Duchess of Cambridge has been weighed up against the Princess of Wales on countless occasions. Whether it's Kate Middleton channeling Princess Diana's power dressing at the Queen's Platinum Jubilee or Kate Middleton being likened to Diana in a birthday tribute, it seems the mum-of-three can't escape the endless comparison game between herself and the iconic royal. 

Kate and Diana

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A royal expert has now called for the Duchess of Cambridge, 40, to be respected as her own entity, rather than an offshoot of Diana's legacy. 

Writing in news.com.au about how the recent photos of Kate Middleton on Armed Forces Day were, once again, compared to similar ones of Princess Diana, columnist Daniela Elser said, "This is the third time in less than a month that we have seen the relentless Diana-ing of Kate." 

Elser then discussed the prevalence of these comparisons, highlighting how frequently Kate was likened to Diana during the various events of the Queen's Platinum Jubilee. 

"No matter what Kate does, says or wears she is endlessly compared to Diana," she added. 

"Ten years, three children, 33 foreign trips, and one Royal Foundation of her very own later, and Kate is still held up against Diana with a bilious regularity. It’s a game that Kate can never win."

Elser also warned that "this is a situation which is only going to become magnitudes worse when in the next few years she assumes Diana’s title and becomes the Princess of Wales." 

"It’s long past time to break this addiction to reading everything Kate-related through a Diana-shaped lens. She deserves that much."

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