Watch out, world: Prince George is 'very protective' of his younger siblings

Sources share that Prince George takes his big brother role "seriously" and is "very protective" of younger siblings Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis

Prince George
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At the mere age of 8, Prince George is already acting every bit the royal leader he is poised to become. 

In new interviews with Us Weekly, sources close to the royal family gave an inside look at the life of the young monarch alongside his siblings, 7-year-old Princess Charlotte and 4-year-old Prince Louis, also commenting on his already King-like comportment.

Cambridge children

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"Prince George is already showing that he has what it takes to be the future King of England," an insider said to the publication. "Despite the responsibilities he'll entail in his future role, Kate and William don't want to see him grow up too quickly. They're determined to give him as much of a normal childhood as possible and it's working wonders. He's such a lovable, down-to-earth little boy."

Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge's parenting methods are clearly paying off as Prince George is said to be a very good big brother to his little siblings and a great student as well.

"He's very protective of his younger siblings and goes out of his way to help his mother with the household chores, especially when it earns him extra time on electronics," another source close to the family revealed. "George is a hard worker. He sometimes needs a nudge like all kids his age but he’s very smart and right up there at the top of his class.”

Prince George, Prince Louis and Princess Charlotte

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As for his passions and interests, George apparently reminds of another monarch set to take the throne in the near future: his father, Prince William. As the source claims, "[George is] definitely a daddy's boy. It's not just their physical resemblance, they've got a ton of the same interests and hobbies sin common!"

Those passions include helicopters and soccer, the latter of which is a topic that the Duke of Cambridge himself has extensively spoken about.

"I’m letting [George] choose his [favorite team in his] own way," the future King said two years ago while on the That Peter Crouch Podcast. "I do like the values and the ethos of the [Aston Villa soccer] club. I want them to look after the players and set a good example to the young fans. I want our children, when they go to the match, to come away loving what they’ve seen, enjoying it and seeing their role models behave in a way that we’d all want them to."

Perhaps most noteworthy, though, is the statement made by the royal-adjacent source about George’s King-like propensities (don’t forget: the young monarch will be turning a mere 9 years old later this week!)

Royal family

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"He’s well aware that one day he’ll be King and what that entails because William and the other senior royals including his grandpa [Prince] Charles and great grandmother the Queen have told him from an early age about his destiny," the source said. "He sees it as a huge honor and frequently asks his dad to loan him books about history, he loves listening to stories about his ancestors and the history of the Commonwealth, not just England. It’s very clear he takes it all very seriously and is dedicated to serving the Crown when his time eventually comes." 

We can't wait to see what the future has in store for the precocious Prince.

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