This Princess Diana ‘drama’ that ‘shook the palace’ set to be portrayed in The Crown

Princess Diana's scandal that shocked the palace, to be shown on The Crown's fifth season

Princess Diana
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The Crown’s fifth series is set to explore the Princess Diana drama that shocked the Palace and caused a royal scandal. 

• A royal biographer has revealed that the fifth series of The Crown will explore a royal scandal
• The scandal shocked the royal household and had Princess Diana at the center of the drama.
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In an interview with Insider, royal biographer Andrew Morton revealed that the fifth season of The Crown will explore some royal drama that took place with Princess Diana at the center of it. 

Andrew Morton is the author of the 1992 royal biography, 'Diana: Her True Story.' It is the making of this biography that will feature in the fifth season of The Crown. Morton told Insider that the Netflix series will look at “the drama behind the making of my book,” including the secret tape recordings between the author and the Princess.

Rather than interviewing the Princess face-to-face, the royal biographer received the royals taped answers via a trusted friend. This took place in 1991, a year before the biography was released. 

Because of the tapes, the biography revealed intimate details about the marriage between Prince Charles and Princess Diana. For example, the book revealed that when Diana and Charles began dating, she was required to call him "Sir" and was only able to address him by his first name when they became engaged. 

The biographer works as a consultant for the Netflix series and therefore has insider knowledge about what the show will be covering. 

He also revealed that The Crown will be showing Diana’s BBC Panorama interview from 1995. This famous interview addressed Prince Charles and Camilla’s affair when Princess Diana stated, "There were three of us in this marriage, so it was a bit crowded." 

Princess Diana

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Andrew Morton also claimed recently that Princess Margaret's depression was ignored by Royal Family. The Royal biographer recently published a book titled Elizabeth and Margaret: the intimate world of the Windsor sisters. 

Morton states, “Let’s face it, Margaret had depression and in the Royal Family you are not allowed to be depressed.” He went on to say, “They lived in a world where illness was dealt with by going for a long walk – and mental illness was ignored.” 

The biographer has also recently commented on current royal drama and has stated that Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton are more alike than we think. He said that both Kate and Meghan struggled with royal life at first as "Nobody can prepare you for the level of intensity and the level of interest in you."

He defended both women and said, "It's not like there's a school for princesses where you sit there and go through the procedures from A to Z." 

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