The sign Princess Diana might have considered marrying again before her death

Princess Diana’s private ‘chat’ in the years before her death could suggest wedding bells were on her mind…

Princess Diana during an audience with the Emir of Kuwait
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Princess Diana might have never remarried but it seems that one enlightening “chat” on a flight in the years before her death could hint that she was considering this exciting possibility. 

After Prince Charles and Diana’s relationship sadly ended in divorce in 1996, the Princess of Wales never went on to remarry. Though her love life remained under intense media scrutiny, from her relationship with surgeon and cardiologist Dr Hasnat Khan, to her romance with film producer Dodi Fayed. Last year The Crown dropped a huge hint that Princess Diana’s final days could feature in The Crown season 5 after reportedly casting an actor to play Dodi. Her relationship with him began in 1997, months after she and Dr Khan broke up. 

Though it seems there’s an intriguing sign that she could’ve been considering tying the knot again during her two-year romance with the surgeon. As reported by People, Anwar Hussein, whose stunning photographs are featured in a new “walk-through documentary” exhibition, Princess Diana: Accredited Access, has opened up about how she once asked for “chat” about interfaith marriage during a flight. 

Princess Diana in Cullompton, Devon, September 1990

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According to him, Princess Diana “wanted to know” more about Islam, something that he believes was inspired by her relationship with her then-boyfriend Dr Hasnat Khan. Ultimately, Princess Diana never remarried for a heartbreaking reason. Though it’s something this private “chat” could perhaps have hinted at. The plane journey took place in the mid 1990s, in the years prior to her death in Paris in 1997.

Anwar claimed to the publication, “All the lights were dimmed on the flight, and she came and whispered, 'Can I have a chat?' "

"She knew that I was married to an English girl, Caroline,” the photographer added. “She wanted to know about Islam. She was asking about being married when one person is Muslim and another is Protestant."

Anwar, whose work chronicles Princess Diana’s journey from being shy in the 1980s to People’s Princess, then reflected that she didn’t directly mention her boyfriend. 

Hasnat Khan, former partner of Princess Diana

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However, he instead expressed his belief that she assumed he knew about her relationship and might’ve been considering her family’s reaction to her romance. 

He stated, “She was interested because of what she was going through with Dr. Hasnat Khan. She didn't mention him, but she assumed I knew it. I think she was wondering how the family would react to him and things like that."

Princess Diana and Dr Khan’s relationship went on to end in 1997, before she found love again with Dodi Fayed. Though her enlightening reported desire to learn more about Islam and interfaith marriage isn’t the only indication she once hoped to marry the surgeon. 

Princess Diana visits a centre in Hackney

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Royal biographer Judy Wade reportedly previously told People that they had wanted to get married and to help “bridge” any gap between the east and west. 

She alleged, “She had wanted to marry him. She had this vision that together they could bridge east and west, crossing creeds and continents. They could save lives and make it a better world.”

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