The royals who helped select Kate Middleton's birthday portraits revealed

Kate Middleton's photographer has revealed that some members of the royal family helped the Duchess pick her final birthday portraits

Kate Middleton's birthday portraits
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The Italian photographer behind Kate Middleton's 40th birthday portraits has revealed the Duchess was influenced by certain members of the royal family when it came to selecting the images.

In an article for the Italian publication, Corriere Della Sera, Italian photographer Paolo Roversi, spoke about his time shooting the Duchess of Cambridge and how they worked together to create her final birthday portraits.

In the interview, Paolo revealed that although Kate had the final say about which photos were released, she was influenced by some members of the royal family—which could explain the diverse symbolism behind the very different photos.

Paolo explained, "The three photos are three very different Kates. The first, in profile, is regal and has a maturity that goes beyond her age, and the white dress dampens the seriousness of an effigy." 

This image has been frequently compared with images of the Queen and her sister Princess Margaret, as from the pose to the dress, the black and white image has an air of aristocracy about it. Because of these royal comparisons, it may be easy to think that this was the image that had some royal influence.

In fact, the photographer explained that this image was personally selected by Kate and was both Paolo and Kate's favorite image from the shoot. 

The photographer then revealed that it was in fact the most casual image from the shoot that had some royal influence. "The second [image] chosen by William and his children is where a carefree girl returns," said Paolo. 

The image selected by Prince George, Princess Charlotte, Prince Louis, and Prince William is a close-up, and a natural image of Kate where she appears relaxed and more informal than some of the other stunning shots.

The Duchess wore an organza neutral-toned ruffled dress, and the image was given a sepia-toned filter which added a timeless look.

In this image, Kate also paid a sweet tribute to Princess Diana as she wore a pair of pearl earrings that were a favorite style of her late mother-in-law.

"The third in color is as you see it, a little more glamorous," said Paolo who showed the more colorful and stylish side of the Duchess of Cambridge in this photo.

The photographer noted that although they wanted a selection of modern and timeless images, he wanted to make sure that all of the images show the real Kate and not just her role as the wife of a Prince in the royal line of succession.

Paolo insisted that the shoot at Kew Gardens was, "All in natural lighting." He added, "She had very little makeup, no hairstyle, simple pearl earrings, a ring... The focal point of Kate's face is her gaze and her smile. I didn't want her to be too Lady duchess, too establishment, but purer and as contemporary as possible, even more timeless."

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The photographer also complimented the Duchess's dedication to helping him create these fabulous images which have been widely met with public approval.

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