The Queen's corgis' luxurious lifestyle including 'private jet' trips to Windsor and silver dog bowls

The Queen’s corgis’ luxurious lifestyle has been revealed by a former royal footman who claims they’re fed personally by the monarch sometimes…

Queen's corgis' luxurious lifestyle, the monarch is seen here at Balmoral Castle with one of her Corgis
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The Queen’s corgis’ luxurious lifestyle reportedly includes “private jet” trips back from Balmoral Castle to Windsor and silver engraved dog bowls, a former royal footman has claimed. 

The Queen’s corgis might not be glimpsed regularly in public but over the years this adorable breed has become inextricably linked with Britain’s longest-reigning monarch. Having received her first corgi, Susan, as an 18th birthday present, the Queen has continued to own corgis and dorgis - dachshund and corgi mixes - throughout her reign. In the past reports have suggested that there is a luxury menu served to the Queen’s corgis and it’s said that the corgis enjoy “home-made concoctions” to help ensure they remain in tip-top condition. 

Now former royal footman Steven Kaye has reflected on his time working for the Queen. And it seems the Queen’s corgis’ luxurious lifestyle features some very regal elements…

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh relax with their corgis

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Opening up to Slingo, Steve claimed that the Queen is very fond of Balmoral Castle where she’s currently enjoying her summer break as “nobody disturbs” her and her corgis. It’s following these trips that her beloved dogs are reportedly flown home in a private jet to Windsor Castle

“Without a doubt, the Queen’s favorite residence is Windsor, but I think she likes Balmoral as she can walk about with the dogs and nobody disturbs her,” Steve alleged. “She’ll tend to have the dogs with her for the first four weeks and then on staff changeover day, we would then have to fly the dogs back to Windsor. They’d get flown on the private jet to Northolt and a lady that lived on the Great Windsor Park would come and collect them.” 

This could be seen to showcase the Queen's love for her dogs and her determination to ensure their comfort and safety. And the special treatment for these royal pooches apparently doesn’t stop there! 

Queen Elizabeth II greets Prime Minister of New Zealand John Key

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They supposedly have their own room at Buckingham Palace and would be served meals out of personalized bowls.

“We used to feed the dogs in the morning,” he claimed. “They have their own dog room at Buckingham Palace. It’s quite regal - a great big dark wooden glossy door with a gold handle and beautifully polished floor with all these dog beds all over the place.”

Steve continued, “We would put the food out, most of them had special dietary requirements, so we’d have to remember who had what and they all had a silver dog bowl with their name engraved on it. The Queen would feed them herself at 3 in the afternoon. We’d literally be walking the dogs and you’d turn around, the Queen would be there with her headscarf on and she’d be like, ‘Oh, I’ll take over now.’ We were relieved of our duties and off she went.”

Queen Elizabeth II walking her dogs at Windsor Castle

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This certainly seems to suggest that the Queen’s corgis’ luxurious lifestyles are inspired by the monarch’s desire to take wonderful care of her animals. It’s not currently known if the corgis went with Her Majesty to Balmoral this summer though if they did, they’ve likely been enjoying the beautiful countryside of the Aberdeenshire estate. 

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