The ‘naughty’ detail on Kate Middleton’s favorite ‘conservative’ dresses revealed

The Duchess of Cambridge's new favorite designer, Alessandra Rich, has explained how she makes the royal's polished dresses look 'fun'

The ‘naughty’ detail on Kate Middleton’s ‘conservative’ dresses
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Kate Middleton's new favorite designer has revealed the 'naughty' detail she always includes to prevent the royal icon from looking 'plain' – and it's actually sort of genius. 

The Duchess of Cambridge's new go-to designer has shared the 'naughty' detail she includes on all of her dresses, to ensure her royal customer's 'conservative' style never looks 'plain' at public engagements. 

Alessandra Rich has enjoyed huge support from the 40-year-old over the past couple of years, with multiple pieces from her collection making the list of Kate's best Wimbledon looks and Royal Ascot outfits. The duchess even wore a Rich gown to Prince Philip's memorial in March, arriving at Westminster Abbey for the Service of Thanksgiving in the Italian designer's £1046 black-and-white polka dot dress. 

Speaking to the Telegraph, Alessandra has now opened up about the 'naughty' quirk that consumers – including Kate Middleton – can expect to find on her signature creations. 

"All my pieces are like this – they cover the arms or the legs but there’s always a split somewhere," she said. "It is good to be a bit naughty." If there's no split, Alessandra likes to spice things up with "a body chain underneath."

Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton wearing Alessandra Rich at Prince Philip's memorial service in March 2022

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The 52-year-old visionary also revealed the clever way she preserves the 'wow factor' of Kate's "conservative" dresses.  

“There’s always something ‘wrong’ in the dress that makes it right. If it’s too perfect, it can fall into being too plain," she said, before sharing the design process of the stunning yellow dress worn by Kate in the Bahamas on her Caribbean royal tour with Prince William earlier this year. 

"I have added big buttons, and an oversized belt and a frilly collar – things that make it more fun," she explained. 

Kate Middleton

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Despite clearly impressing the Duchess of Cambridge with her designs, Alessandra admitted she has no involvement with the future Queen's fashion choices. 

"We only know she's wearing one of the dresses when we see her in it – we're never told anything in advance. We don't ask and they don't say," she said. "I am super grateful. The buyers know the collection is bigger, so it is fine that the public mostly knows the more conservative pieces.

"The Duchess of Cambridge is such a style icon, I can't ever say I'm not thrilled she likes my clothes."

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