The major life change Kate Middleton could make following days of 'reading' and 'research' at Kensington Palace

The launch of the Princess of Wales's latest campaign, Shaping Us, required the royal to do a lot of studying at her London office

Kate Middleton's days of 'reading' and 'research' at Kensington Palace revealed
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Kate Middleton could make a major change to her busy lifestyle 'in the next couple of years', following the launch of her Early Childhood Education campaign earlier this week. 

Kate Middleton's life could change drastically 'in the next couple of years', a royal insider has claimed. 

The Princess of Wales has had an undeniably busy week, traveling to Leeds on Tuesday to launch her Shaping Us campaign before heading back to London to visit an East London school on Thursday. 

The exciting initiative will see the 41-year-old highlight the importance of how early childhood impacts the developing brain and ultimately influences how we evolve as adults. It comes a year and a half after Kate unveiled the Royal Foundation Centre for Early Childhood, in June 2021. 

The Princess of Wales has been notably visible in public over the past few days, but it's understood that much of the royal's work for the Shaping Us campaign takes place behind the scenes. 

Speaking on the Royal Beat this week, Russell Myers revealed that the Princess of Wales spends a lot of her time at her Kensington Palace office with her head in the books. 

"The Palace has described [Shaping Us] as [Kate]’s life work," the Daily Mirror's royal editor explained on the True Royalty TV program. "And when you ask them what she does on a day-to-day basis, it’s very much 'a lot of reading, a lot of research.'" 


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Myers added that Kate could even be inspired to re-enroll in third-level education at some point in the future. "She’s spoken about wanting to go back to university," he said. "So that might be something that she does realize in the next couple of years." 

Kate already holds an undergraduate degree in Art History from the University of St. Andrew's in Scotland, where she and Prince William famously first met in 2001. The Reading native was also known to be academically talented in secondary school, achieving two As in her Maths and Art A-levels and a B in English. 

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As for the possibility of Kate returning to university as a mature student, it doesn't seem to be completely off the cards. The Princess hinted that she may re-enroll in college while visiting Harvard University in Boston last December during a meeting with researchers at the college's Center of the Developing Child, much to the excitement of her scholarly hosts. 

"It’s so exciting to be here. I’d love to come and study but don’t know what to choose, as there are so many specialist courses available," she admitted, before suggesting she was open to the idea of going back to school. 

"Apparently they say it’s never too late, there is always time," she added. 

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