Spooky reason royal fans convinced Meghan Markle predicted her royal future

A resurfaced video from Meghan Markle's acting days appears to have foreshadowed her fairytale fortune

Spooky reason fans think Meghan predicted her royal future
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Royal fans are convinced that Meghan Markle predicted her fairy tale future, after a foreboding video from the former actress resurfaced online. 

Royal fans have found a video of the Duchess of Sussex from her acting days—and they're now convinced it foreshadowed her future in the British monarchy. 

If you're familiar at all with Meghan Markle's life before marrying Prince Harry, you're probably well-aware of the 40-year-old's impressive Hollywood resumée. 

The Duchess was widely recognized in Canada and the US for her role as Rachel Zane in Suits, a breakthrough gig she landed after struggling to 'make it' in Tinsel town for years. 

Before the US actress rose to fame portraying the fictional paralegal, she was cast in a string of small roles in various films and TV shows—including ABC's crime drama, Castle. In the 2012 episode, 'Once Upon A Time', Meghan played Charlotte Boyd, a real estate broker hiding a dark secret. Viewers quickly learned that she accidentally took the life of her friend, Owen Thomas, in an intoxicated hit-and-run, in 2005, and manipulated her pals, Amy and Kristina, not to hand her in to the authorities. 

Seven years later, she murdered the same two friends, after fearing that they would go to the police about the initial crime. At the end of the episode, Charlotte is arrested by detectives and charged with double homicide and wrongful death. 

While Charlotte's morbid plotline doesn't exactly predict Meghan's future, her fashion had some eery similarities to the Duchess of Sussex's soon-to-be wardrobe. The property expert cosplays as Sleeping Beauty in the episode, wearing a tiara and embroidered lavender gown for a fancy dress party scene. 

"This whole clip, with the Sleeping Beauty costume, and with her in a tiara is kind of foreshadowing of her life. Art imitates life," one person commented on Youtube. 

Fortunately, Meghan's real-life fate was very different from that of her on-screen character. While Charlotte is likely still incarcerated for double homicide and wrongful, the Duchess is living freely with her husband and their two children, Archie and Lilibet, in California. 

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