Royal Family tea—Psychologist's take on their hot drinks of choice

Royal Family tea—psychologist analyze their hot beverages of choice and claims what they're drinking has a lot more meaning than you'd think

The Queen In Nauru Drinking A Cup Of Tea in 1982.
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The Royal Family tea and coffee order is a real glimpse into their personalities. With some of the firm's choices meaning a hell of a lot more than you'd expect. So what is the Queen drinking for her elevenses each day? From the blander choices to those who dare—here's what their choices say about their character.

Whether the Royal Family tea is imbibed at swish locations like Buckingham Palace or Windsor Castle, it's believed that they have very specific choices. Needless to say, they love a hot drink as much as anyone else. However, their cup of choice actually says a lot about their personalities, says psychologist Darren Stanton.

Speaking to woman&home on behalf of Coffee Friend, Darren reveals all about senior members of the family's orders and what we can glean from them. From how the Queen's famous love of Earl Grey tea reflects her, "assertiveness and strength," to the senior Royal whose decaf latte proves they're 'self-aware.'

Curious to find out who orders what and the meaning behind it? Here's what Darren has to say on the matter.

The Queen—Earl Grey tea

Queen Enoying A Cup Of Tea During A Visit To The Grey Coat Hospital in 1998 To Mark Its Tercentenary.

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In the past, Royal sources have revealed Her Majesty's love of Earl Grey tea, which the psychologist says has a lot of meaning behind it.

“Psychological research suggests that people who enjoy Earl Grey tea are linked to class and are mature in their personality," explains Darren.

He continues, "The choice of an older generation, Earl Grey has fallen out of favour in the current trend of hot beverages. This sense of tradition also matches up to the Queen’s character and demeanor as the head of state."

There's also an extra level of class to this classic tea, which is a more acquired taste than other teas, with Darren adding that this specific flavor is, "linked to power and strength."

Despite the posh element of the Earl Grey flavors, the drink itself is actually quite simplistic—which is very symbolic. "Being just tea, milk, and water, less complex than many coffees, which symbolizes simplicity, assertiveness, and honesty.”

Prince Charles—Darjeeling tea

Prince Charles, Prince of Wales drinks a cup of tea during a visit to a Marie Curie Cancer Care Hospice on June 21, 2013 in Solihull, United Kingdom.

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According to previous reports, Prince Charles drinks Darjeeling tea with honey. Seemingly, its spicier taste means that those who enjoy it are daring.

“This signifies someone has a personality that isn’t afraid to take risks in order to get what they want, considering Darjeeling is a spicier acquired taste," says the psychologist. He adds, however, "The honey seeks to soften the sometimes bitterness of the tea and is a cover to hide the real taste."

Darjeeling tea is thought to have many medicinal qualities, including boosting the immune system and calming the mind and body from the ravages of stress. 

As Darren explains, this points to a certain type of mind. "With its ability to help relax drinkers, those who opt to drink Darjeeling are big thinkers with creative ideas and are calculated enough to first analyze situations without making rash decisions.”


Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall drinks a cup of tea in Clarence House garden as she hosts a tea party to celebrate the 5th Anniversary of the charity 'First Story' on April 23, 2013 in London, England. First Story strives to support and inspire creativity in challenging UK secondary schools and their communities. The charity was launched in 2008 by former school teacher Katie Waldegrave.

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According to Darren, Camilla has been pictured in Italy previously with a cappuccino, "a drink best suited to perfectionists who like being in control."

He continues to explain that cappuccino drinkers are people with highly demanding personalities. 

"They can be risk-takers, who are not afraid to step out of their comfort zone," he says. "However, they are not reckless, just more adventurous than others. People would tend to trust them because they will generally stay within certain parameters."

Those who enjoy a frothy coffee may actually not be made for the Royal life, according to Darren.

“A cappuccino drinker can be known to be slightly obsessive and overly sensitive when it comes to more personal aspects of their life in which they may feel judged, particularly in the public eye.”

Prince William—Breakfast tea

he attends a meeting of 'United for Wildlife' at the Zoological Society of London on November 26, 2013 in London, England. The Duke of Cambridge is President of United for Wildlife, a collaboration of seven of the largest global Conservation organisations.

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Although Prince William’s favorite hot beverage has never been revealed, he's been papped drinking several cups of breakfast tea while out and about on engagements. 

The classic cuppa is, according to Darren, a, "no fuss, very open to suggestions type drink that isn’t really about the flavor, but rather a goodwill gesture to receive to build rapport with those that make it."

He adds that drinking regular breakfast tea suggests stability and consistency and is not for someone concerned with taking too many risks. 

"This aligns with Kate’s decaf tea and what makes them a good match and their choices seem largely made to suit their roles as Royals, where they continue to dedicate their time and efforts the most in their lives."

In terms of relationships, the psychologist also added why you might consider yourself lucky if your partner chooses tea. “Basic breakfast tea is a drink that is the maker of great friends and partners," he says, "because what you see is what you get.”

Kate Middleton—Decaf latte

Prince William, Duke of Cambridge and Catherine, Duchess of watch a Bhutanese archery demonstration on the first day of a two day visit to Bhutan on the 14th April 2016 in Paro, Bhutan. The Royal couple are visiting Bhutan as part of a week long visit to India and Bhutan that has taken in cities such as Mumbai, Delhi, Kaziranga, Bhutan and Agra.

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For many, monitoring the amount of caffeine they ingest is quite normal. Some even eschew the addictive substance altogether, which indicates a lot about the sort of person they are, says Darren.

“The concept of decaf indicates that a person is very controlled and self-aware, since drinking too much coffee can be an issue. Though, by ordering a decaf, this largely alleviates the effects of caffeine, while still getting a similar taste."

As well as health consciousness, those with slightly trickier orders are said to have very particular wants and needs. “People that choose specific coffee orders with subtle tweaks as an option are also quite methodical, they like precision and they know what they want," explains Darren. "This could be a nod to Kate’s assertiveness and growth as a senior member of the Royal family."

There's a bit of an awkward side to this order, as the psychologist explains how latte drinkers often have their order mocked by others.

“The downside of latte drinkers is that their order is considered fairly bland. Little permutations and a generally basic starter pack drink for coffee lovers," he adds. "This may suggest Kate isn’t the most adventurous, however, for someone with a very busy schedule full of daily routines these simple, easy to drink choices are perfect for a working mum.”

Prince Harry—Green juice

Prince Harry samples nettle tea with Felstead Prep School year 7 pupils as he visits The Chatham Green Project, a conservation and educational initiative run by the Wilderness Foundation in Chatham Green, available to all schools in Essex, on September 14, 2017 near Chelmsford, England.

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Since Meghan Markle and Prince Harry stepped back’ as senior members of the royal family and moved to the US, a lot has changed. It seems that the Prince has even dropped his usual coffee order. In fact, he's had a total lifestyle change if reports are to be believed as it's claimed that he's swapped his regular white coffee for a super healthy green juice!

“This switch is a good example of the change in cultures from the UK to the US, but also the modern drinker—not willing to stick to their ways with so much choice in the market."

Darren adds that the move also reflects his open-mindedness and versatility. This is as well as, "being in touch with emotions in which different environments may determine mood and therefore how someone may act."

He continues, “The Californian lifestyle and the influence of his wife may have also been a factor in this, representing change and a separation from his Royal duties in London compared to his new life in the US.”

Meghan Markle—Green juice

Meghan, Duchess of Sussex looks at reusable coffee cups during a visit to the Association of Commonwealth Universities at University Of London on January 31, 2019 in London, England. In her new role as Patron of the international organisation which is dedicated to building a better world through higher education, the Duchess met students from the Commonwealth now studying in the UK, for whom access to university has transformed their lives.

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From Meghan Markle's skincare routine, to her supplements and generally health-conscious ways, it's obvious that she's very well attuned with her health. 

“People that tend to consume weird and wonderful concoctions of juices are thinking firstly about their health and wellbeing. And although it is not disputed that certain fruits and vegetables in a smoothie can be beneficial, sometimes these personalities tend to be more obsessive than others."

Darren adds that this obsession can have extra meanings. “There is almost an element of appearing more impressionable nowadays because of the trendiness of pressed juices and an ‘Instagram-like’ approach to life."

All that considered, the fact is that fresh juices are sometimes the more sensible option, says the psychologist, who adds, "the person may be consciously thinking about the environment and the planet too.”

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