Queen's harsh words about Camilla during Prince Charles argument revealed

Prince Charles was reportedly left 'distraught' by the heated conversation

Queen's harsh words about Camilla during Prince Charles argument revealed
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The Queen's harsh words about Camilla Parker Bowles left Prince Charles 'distraught', a royal insider has revealed. 

The Queen's scathing words about Camilla Parker Bowles left Prince Charles in tears, a royal insider has revealed. 

After years of desperately trying to win his mother's approval of his relationship with the Duchess of Cornwall, the Prince of Wales confronted the monarch at their Scottish holiday home of Balmoral Castle. According to investigative journalist Tom Bower, Charles had had enough of the Queen and the Queen Mother's poor treatment of Camilla and was finally ready to stand up for her. 

“Not only did they not want her present at any royal function, either formal or informal; they actively disapproved of her, and of Charles’ relationship with her," Bower revealed in 2018.

Charles and Camilla at polo in 1979

Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles in 1979

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Having recently separated from Princess Diana, Charles was keen to remarry and move on with his life. He approached the Queen to 'soften her antagonism' and ask for her blessing to move in with Camilla, only to be bluntly denied permission. 

Her Majesty, who had apparently enjoyed "several martinis" before the conversation, didn't waste time in shutting down her son's wishes. 

"To Charles’ surprise, she replied forcefully: she would not condone his adultery, nor forgive Camilla for not leaving Charles alone to allow his marriage to recover," wrote Bower. 

Prince Charles and Queen in 1992

The Queen initially refused to grant Prince Charles permission to marry Camilla Parker Bowles 

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The Queen is said to have blasted Camilla as a "wicked woman" whom she "wanted nothing to do with", prompting Charles to storm out of the room in distress. He then made a 'tearful' phone call to Camilla, whom he infamously called 'Gladys', to recount the story and seek some much-needed consolation. 

Prince Charles and Camilla

Prince Charles and Camilla finally got married in 2005 

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It's no secret that the Royal Family weren't keen on Camilla before she became Duchess of Cornwall. As a divorced woman, she didn't exactly fit the clean-cut bride the Queen had in mind for her eldest son. Camilla was believed to be too 'experienced' to marry Charles, having already dated multiple men and already been through a divorce. And unlike Lady Diana, who hailed from the noble Spencer family, Camilla didn't have any prestigious titles to bolster her social status. 

Camilla and Charles married in 2005, after a long battle to receive the Queen's blessing. Her Majesty has warmed to her new daughter-in-law over the years, and reportedly  "gets on very well" with her today.  

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