Queen shows off impressive language skills as she reaches out to catastrophe victims with touching message

The Queen shows off her incredible language skills as she reaches out to Canadians who have been affected by flooding and landslides

Queen's language skills
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Her Majesty, the Queen has showed off her impressive language skills in a message penned to the victims of natural disasters in British Columbia.

In the heartfelt message, the Queen said, "My thoughts are with the people of British Columbia as you continue to confront the recent catastrophic flooding and gradually begin the process of recovery and rebuilding."

She then thanked those who worked to provide aid to the people affected as she added, "I am grateful for the tireless work of the many first responders and volunteers who continue to provide comfort and support to their fellow Canadians during this difficult time."

In the second image from the Queen, Her Majesty translated the message into French so that the French speakers in Canada could also receive her message.

The Queen is fluent in French and English, and many other royals are also fluent in other languages. The Express reports that Her Majesty likely learned French at a young age from her governess Marion Crawford.

A French newspaper, titled The Local, once spoke with a linguist expert about the Queen's language skills. The expert names Camille Chevalier-Karfis revealed that the Queen is as proficient as a native speaker.

"Her reading skills were excellent - both pronunciation and rhythm were very good, but you could feel she was quite tense. I was impressed by the quality of her French…No stuttering pour la reine," said Camille.

The late Duke of Edinburgh was also fluent in French and it is quite possible that he and the Queen were able to share private conversations in French. The Duke also spoke fluent German which he learned from his German-speaking family as a young boy. Taking after his grandfather, Prince William is also proficient at speaking in German. 

Prince Charles has previously studied both Welsh and Gaelic. Prince Charles once impressed fans with his language skills in 2020 as he spoke fluently and succinctly in Welsh as he opened a temporary coronavirus hospital in Wales.

Prince Harry learned French at school but admitted that he was a poor student and sadly forgot a great deal of the French he had memorized.

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