Queen Elizabeth II's quirky sense of humor laid bare by insider, 'She was an incredible mimic!'

Queen Elizabeth II's quirky sense of humor has been revealed by a number of royal insiders who were close to Her Majesty

Queen Elizabeth II's quirky sense of humor has been revealed by a number of royal insiders who were close to Her Majesty
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Queen Elizabeth II's quirky sense of humor has been revealed by some of her former companions and royal biographers who knew Her Majesty well during her lifetime.

It has been recently revealed by the late Queen's biographer, Gyles Brandreth, that the Queen has an interesting sense of humor and was both a fantastic mimic - and a mime!

In a new interview with Yours magazine the late monarch's biographer said, "She [the Queen] once performed George Formby's When I'm Cleaning Windows for me, while strumming an imaginary ukulele!"

Gyles added, "She was an incredible mimic and told me she'd been inspired by famous female impersonator Florence Desmond, who came to Windsor Castle to entertain the Royal family during the war. The Queen could do all kinds of regional accents."

Queen Elizabeth II is given a tour by Keith Weed, President of the Royal Horticultural Society during a visit to The Chelsea Flower Show 2022

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Previously, the Queen's accent talent has been labeled as the Queen's surprising party trick which showed her 'wicked sense of humor'. Her Majesty's dressmaker Angela Kelly,  revealed that she was blown away by the Queen's ability to copy her scouse accent.

Angela told The Sun, "We have a lot of fun together. The Queen has a wicked sense of humor and is a great mimic. She can do all accents—including mine."

Princess Diana's former butler Paul Burrell also previously confirmed that the Queen enjoys mimicking accents. Paul said, "She has a great sense of humor and a guttural laugh. When she travels through the country she loves to hear regional accents."

"She loves to hear a Scouse accent or a Birmingham accent or a Welsh accent or a Scottish accent. She will come back and she'll do the accent. She does a great Scouse accent," the former butler added.

Queen Elizabeth II sitts and laughs with Meghan, Duchess of Sussex during a ceremony to open the new Mersey Gateway Bridge

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The Queen's ability to recreate many different accents probably isn't difficult for many royal fans to imagine. The Queen would have met a huge number of people in her life, all from different walks of life and from different areas across the world. Her ability to pick up these accents would simply mean that she had a good ear to recognize these voices.

The Queen was known for having a fun sense of humor and there are many accounts of the Queen's wit and funny comments over the years. The late Queen was reported to have burst out laughing when Meghan Markle gave her a Christmas present and loved exchanging joke gifts with her family during the festive period. It was even once reported that the Queen pranked a group of tourists looking for her on the beach in the most hilarious way.

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