Queen Elizabeth II had the most on-brand response to Prince William's excessive party decoration

Queen Elizabeth's response to Prince William's excessive 21st birthday party decoration is so on-brand for Her Majesty and we love it!

Queen Elizabeth's response to Prince William's excessive 21st birthday party decoration is so on-brand for Her Majesty and we love it!
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Queen Elizabeth's response to Prince William's extravagant birthday decor is exactly what we'd expect from the late Queen.

Johnny Roxburgh, a party planning expert who has organised events for several celebrities over the past three decades and is known as the 'Party Architect' has opened up about what it's like to plan parties for the Royal Family. Per the Daily Mail, on Channel 5's Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, which is set to air tonight, Johnny revealed some of the parties he threw for his celebrity clients.

"I've done parties that have cost tens of millions of pounds," he said. "One minute we're in Shanghai, the next we're in Paris or in Russia. I did dinner with Putin. That was kind of extraordinary."

He then spoke about doing a variety of royal parties - which included everything from weddings to funerals. "I've done weddings. I've buried them. I've done birthday parties," he said. "I remember when it was William's 21st was a jungle theme."

Prince William's 'realization' revealed, seen here side by side with the Queen at different events

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The party planning expert then recalled the 'Out of Africa' theme and the vodka ice luge that shocked Her Majesty the Queen. "We have an enormous vodka luge, which was made in the shape of an elephant's head," he remembered.

Johnny then revealed the Queen's hilarious reaction to this gigantic ice sculpture used to drink vodka. "And she looked at me and said, "What is that?". And I said, 'Ma'am, it's a vodka luge'," he said. "I could have said it was it was a tin of Brasso, because she just looked at me confused and said 'hmmm'."

Queen Elizabeth II

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The Queen's confused reaction to a giant vodka luge is pretty much exactly what we'd expect from Her Majesty. Although she will have attended many banquets and parties over the years, it is somewhat unlikely that the Queen had ever been invited to an event where the guests were invited to drink a shot of vodka out of an ice sculpture -albeit a very ornate and expensive sculpture! 

Johnny added that despite the confusion, the Queen actually got right on board with the merriment and 'loved' everything - especially the luge!

In a previous interview with Tatler, the expert said, "It was, however, the fancy-dress 21st birthday party of Prince William that I loved most. The Prince was charming beyond belief - handsome, fun and wonderful to work with. We created an African jungle at Windsor Castle with full-size elephants made from palm husk, table centres that would shame a Lion King headdress, a giant ice vodka luge in the shape of an elephant’s head (which The Queen loved). I realised then that our future king is a very cool young man."

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