Queen Consort Camilla’s latest brooch is a meaningful show of support for her husband as his coronation looms

Camilla’s $40,000 brooch features the royal cypher of King Charles III

Camilla's latest brooch is a subtle nod of support for Charles' reign
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Proving that she’s a true support system for her husband, the King, Queen Consort Camilla wore a simple outfit that highlighted a meaningful brooch this week. The brooch, thought to be worth $40,000, is in the shape of the Tudor crown, which stylizes King Charles III's cypher – and is a purposeful move away from an insignia closely associated with the late Queen Elizabeth.

King Charles III and Camilla, the Queen Consort met members of the public during a visit to the Bangladeshi community of Brick Lane, London earlier this week.

The King and Queen Consort met local charities and businesses, as well as members who were actively involved in the anti-racism movement of the 1960s and 1970s.

All eyes were on Queen Consort Camilla in her simple but chic white outfit, which was accessorized with a subtle, poignant brooch. The brooch featured the Tudor Crown, a symbol which Charles features prominently in his official cypher.

Charles and Camilla visited London's Brick Lane

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The cypher, designed by the College of Arms and which will appear on the official buildings, postboxes and passports for Great Britain after his coronation, consists of the letters C and R interlinked – the C representing his first name and R for Rex, which is the word king in Latin.

The group of letters is topped with a representation of a crown that is known as the Tudor Crown, which was contained in his grandfather King George VI's monogram.

The Tudor Crown was used to top the monographs of many of the kings before Queen Elizabeth II including Edward VII, George V, Edward VIII and George VI. It closely resembles the Tudor crown worn by regents since Henry VIII, which was lost when the monarchy was abolished in 1649.

The Queen Consort's brooch featured the Tudor Crown, a symbol Charles has adopted for his reign which is a clear change from the insignia of Elizabeth II

(Image credit: Eddie Mulholland - WPA Pool/Getty Images)

Maxwell Stone, Diamond Expert for Steven Stone, gave woman&home some exclusive info on the brooch.

They said, "It's no surprise that everybody is talking about Camilla's latest brooch - it's eye catching and laced with both sentiment and history. In the shape of the Tudor crown, the silver brooch features a band studded with sapphire, ruby and emerald.”

“The Tudor crown is particularly symbolic as it stylizes King Charles III's cypher. Taking over from the St Edward Crown, the Tudor Crown last appeared on the royal insignia with King George VI - Prince Charles’ grandfather - who used the Crown for his design while he was on the throne for 15 years.”

The Tudor Crown brooch is thought to be worth $40,000

(Image credit: Eddie Mulholland - WPA Pool/Getty Images)

“King Charles III's new throne is also said to carry the Tudor Crown, making the brooch an incredibly sentimental choice by the Queen Consort, who will be crowned alongside the King on his coronation day in May.”

“With the King keen to make his own distinct mark as King, he likely made the decision to step away from the St Edward Crown due to it being strongly associated with Queen Elizabeth II's seventy year reign.”

Though it's difficult to put a price on such a regal piece, I'd estimate Camilla's brooch to be worth $40,000."

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