Princess Diana used Princess Margaret’s 'secret path' to hide lovers at Kensington Palace

Princess Diana would use Princess Margaret's 'secret entrance' into Kensington Palace so that nobody would see her

Princess Diana
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Princess Diana would use a secret driveway used by Princess Margaret to sneak her lovers into Kensington Palace, according to a royal expert.

Speaking on Kinsey Schofield’s To Di For Daily podcast this week, the royal insider explained how despite their troubled relationship, Princess Diana would still use Margaret's 'secret pathway.'

She said, "I remember reading that Margaret had this great driveway or entrance space [at Kensington Palace] where you could go unseen, where nobody would see you and so that's the pathway Princess Diana would take her lovers."

However, while Diana thought she was being secretive, Margaret was 'always watching her.'

Kinsey Schofield added, "But Margaret was always watching so, while Diana thought she was being super sneaky and getting people through the door, and nobody was going to know about whoever it was, Princess Margaret was peering through the window like, ‘I can see you'."

It has previously been said that Diana used Margaret’s front door to sneak her then-boyfriend Dr Hasnat Khan into the Palace. According to Paul Burrell, Princess Diana's butler, there was a strict routine for Dr Khan when visiting Diana. 

Princess Diana

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In his book, ‘The Way We Were’, Paul Burrell said, “One of his duties was to make sure the relationship was hidden. I would pick him up in the BMW in a dark corner of a cobbled, quiet mews, an agreed meeting place.

“As we approached the Palace, he’d climb into the back seat, grab the tartan rug, lie flat and pull it over himself. The policeman on the gates waved me through.”

He added that instead of driving directly to the front door of Diana’s quarters at the Palace, he would take Dr Khan to Princess Margaret’s front door to avoid watching eyes.

After the Princess of Wales’ infamous Panorama interview aired, her relationship with Margaret deteriorated and crossed “the point of no return”. 

Gareth Russell, author of the new book ‘Do Let's Have Another Drink: The Singular Wit and Double Measures of Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother’, said of their strained relationship, "From the day and moment the Panorama interview went live, Margaret actually stopped referring to her [Diana] for a long time even by her name. She just referred to her as the girl my nephew married."

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