Princess Anne and Camilla twin in early fall colors at Highland Games

Fans have loved the photos of the Princess Royal, Duchess Camilla and Prince Charles sharing laughs at the games

Princess Anne and Camilla twinned at the Highland Games
(Image credit: Chris Jackson/Getty Images)

Royal fans have flocked to Clarence House’s social media to leave comments praising the twinning outfits of Princess Anne and Duchess Camilla as they both wore fall colors at Scotland’s Highland Games. Dressed in shades of green with pops of red, the pair looked chic, while Charles also opted for green and a kilt.

While many fans were disappointed after the Queen pulled out of the Highland Games, they’ve been able to compensate with a triple showing of royals.

Anne, the Princess Royal, known for her hard-work and many engagements has stepped up to fill in for Her Majesty, joined by her brother, Prince Charles, and his wife, Duchess Camilla.

And what a show the three have put on for fans.

First, there was Anne and Camilla’s twinned, co-ordinated outfits.

Camilla and Princess Anne's coordinated outfits delighted fans

(Image credit: Mark Cuthbert/UK Press via Getty Images)

Decked in very similar shades of green and red, the two looked sophisticated and the very picture of fall – a great sartorial inspiration to the impending change of the seasons.

Comments on Clarence House’s Instagram page were heaping praise on the fall inspired looks.

One wrote, “The ladies’ outfits are fantastic!” with another pointing out, “Their outfits are so well coordinated it makes me happy.”

Both Camilla and Anne’s outfits had a nod to Scotland, with tartan trims and red button detailing, whereas Charles took it one further by sporting a green tartan kilt, red socks and black brogues.

Princess Anne and Prince Charles sharing a laugh has delighted fans

(Image credit: Chris Jackson/Getty Images)

While fans absolutely loved the outfits, they also couldn’t get enough of seeing the royal siblings sharing a laugh together.

Cracking up together in a very relatable sibling moment, the pair were pictured with huge infectious grins.

With the Queen’s recent health issues and constant media speculation into feuds with Harry and Meghan, fans were loving seeing the royal pair drop the stiff upper lip and have a laugh.

“So nice to see smiles on their faces, it can’t have been very much fun recently with all the family issues,” one thoughtful fan wrote.

Another added, “Such a great photo of Prince Charles and Princess Anne having a good ol’ laugh.”

One fan summed it up beautifully, calling the “sweet sibling relationship” between the pair as “priceless, and surely a gift to Her Majesty the Queen.”  

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