Prince William just wore fresh white trainers with a suit and fans are so impressed

The Prince just went for a pretty unexpected outfit combination... but we kind of love it

Prince William just wore fresh white trainers
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Prince William recently posted a picture to Instagram of him wearing a crisp suit and white trainers together, and royal fans are going ballistic over the outfit combo. 

Prince William isn't one to stray outside of his typical royal attire. He loves a crisp suit and equally sophisticated dress shoes, and for more casual days, typically opts for a nice pair of trousers or jeans with some type of sweater. What we never expected to see the Prince in, however, is a pair of fresh white trainers with a suit - an outfit combo that veers more modern and trendy than other looks of his in the past. 

Wearing sneakers with a suit is a bit of a fashion faux pas to some, but Prince William conquered the trend with full confidence, wearing a crisp grey suit with some classic white trainers while rehearsing for the Earthshot Prize awards last week. 

"Rehearsing for the @earthshotprize Awards earlier this week... 🌍💚," he captioned the photo. In the comments, people fearlessly spoke up on their opinions about his rather modern outfit combination - and there was a huge contingent of fans who loved the look, even remarking that he should make it his new style.

"Loving the white sneakers 👟 🙌," one fan commented, favouring the trainers. 

"William should really start wearing sneakers for some engagements, they really look good on him.....," another said. 

"This should be your new look. .... It's the sneakers. 🔥🔥," one more commented. 

Even on X (formerly Twitter), people were going crazy for the Prince's crisp outfit. "Prince William looking so handsome and wearing white sneakers…this is all I want to see today!" one person tweeted with a photo from that day of William. 

"Nothing sexier than a man in crisp, white sneakers, Even more so if the man is Prince William," another said, following the post up with some heart eye emojis. 

Who knew a pair of white trainers on the beloved Prince of Wales would cause such a stir?

Prince William just wore fresh white trainers

(Image credit: Getty Images)

Earthshot: How to Save Our Planet by HRH Prince William, Colin Butfield and Jonnie Hughes | £6.47 at Amazon

Earthshot: How to Save Our Planet by HRH Prince William, Colin Butfield and Jonnie Hughes | £6.47 at Amazon

With an introduction from the Prince of Wales himself, this book delves into each of the significant Earthshot goals, ranging from protecting and restoring nature to helping to build a waste-free world. It explored how these can help to tackle the environmental crisis.

This wasn't the only thing regarding the Earthshot Awwards that caught fans' attention, however - people were also elated to see the Prince take some photos with A-list actress, Cate Blanchett.

In the past, Cate has been very vocal about her support of the Earthshot Prize and all the organisation does, so it's no shock she attended the sophisticated and celebratory event. 

Just recently, upon receiving the honour of being able to hand out some of the prizes for the evening, the Oscar winning star of Tar said, "The climate solutions showcased by the prize are wildly exciting – exciting because they are so simple, so possible, and so inevitable."

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