Prince William has reclaimed this unique title after being dethroned in 2022

Last year, the Prince of Wales lost the honour, but he’s back on top

Prince William is back on top when it comes to having nothing on top
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Prince William has ascended to the crown… but not *that* one. The Prince of Wales has been (re)crowned the Sexiest Bald Man, one year after having been usurped to the title.

Never count out the Prince of Wales.

William - whose many illustrious titles include the Prince of Wales and the Duke of Cornwall – was rudely stripped of one last year, when Vin Diesel replaced him on the list of sexiest bald celebrities.

But the Prince has come back swinging and has topped the list for 2023 with an impressive 9.88 out of 10 on the sexy scale.

Prince William nearly scored a perfect 10 on the Sexiest Bald Celebrity index

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The ranking, by marketing agency Reboot, is calculated by factoring in a number of different factors.

They look at things like internet searches for various smooth-topped celebrities which included the words “shirtless.” This was weighted alongside their height, net worth and how closely their facial features align with the golden ratio, a mathematical relationship linked to (disputed) claims about the ideal proportions used in famous artworks.

While William fell to fifth place in 2022, he’s right back on top this year. With his impressive 9.88 out of 10, he far surpasses rival Vin Diesel, who came in second with 8.81 out of 10.

Who else is on the top 10?

Vin Diesel previously took Prince William's crown

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Jason Statham came in third, with a score of 8.51. Samuel L. Jackson followed in fourth with 7.31 and Amazon billionaire Jeff Bezos came in fifth 7.12.

Michael Jordan, Dwayne Johnson, Shemar Moore, Shaquille O’Neal and Terry Crews complete the list.

While it’s a light-hearted list, the Prince of Wales has never been shy in making jokes about his own hair loss.

Prince William has always taken his hair loss in good humour - and Kate Middleton reportedly jokingly calls him 'baldy'

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When appearing on a community cooking channel’s YouTube video earlier this year, William was explaining his work with the Earthshot Prize.

In the clip he jokes, “I don’t know if you guys have heard about the Earthshot Prize, but it’s an initiative I started about two years ago now — but it’s been about four years in the making. I had hair when it started.”

Luckily for William, his wife Kate Middleton seems to like it. Tom Quinn, author of Gilded Youth: An Intimate History of Growing Up in the Royal Family suggested that one of her affectionate nicknames for her husband is “baldy.”

Not everyone has been as delicate when discussing the Prince of Wales’ dwindling locks, however.

His own brother, Prince Harry, took a jab at his brother’s crown in his memoir, Spare. In the bombshell book – which came after months of estrangement between Harry and his family – the Duke of Sussex referred to his brother’s hair loss as “alarming” and “more advanced than mine.”

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