Prince William admits ‘it’s hard’ for people to see the point of the Royal Family

Prince William confessed that it can be difficult for people to see 'what the family do'

Prince William
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Prince William has spoken out about the public's perception of the Royal Family, admitting that he understands why people 'find it hard' to see what they do.

Following the death of Queen Elizabeth II last September, King Charles III took the throne and in doing so, decided to slim down the monarchy.

Now, Prince William has opened up about the firm, revealing that people often forget what it is that the royal family do and its purpose. Speaking to The Sunday Times, the Prince of Wales said, “We’re all very busy and I think it’s hard sometimes to see what the family brings and what we do.”

He added, "But the amount of causes, the interests, the dinners, the meetings, the visits, whatever it is, that we do day in, day out, throughout the year, we’ve always been involved in that. It’s part of what we do.”

Prince William, Prince of Wales tours the BAE Systems Typhoon Maintenance Facility

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While King Charles' sister, Princess Anne, has criticized the idea of a slimmed-down monarchy, saying it "doesn't sound like a good idea," many are keen on the idea of a modernized monarchy.

William is now first in line to the throne and has taken on a number of causes close to his heart when it comes to his royal work including homelessness - something his mother, Princess Diana, was also passionate about.

Speaking about how he wants his three children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis, to be aware of the issue of homelessness, Prince William said, "They [will] grow up knowing that actually, do you know what, some of us are very fortunate, some of us need a little bit of a helping hand, some of us need to do a bit more where we can help others improve their lives."

He added, "When I left this morning, one of the things I was thinking was when is the right time to bring George or Charlotte or Louis to a homeless organization? I think when I can balance it with their schooling, they will definitely be exposed to it. On the school run, we talk about what we see."


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Explaining how he involves his children in the conversations around homelessness, William said, "When we were in London, driving backwards and forwards, we regularly used to see people sitting outside supermarkets and we'd talk about it.

"I'd say to the children, 'Why are they there? What's going on?' I think it's in all our interests, it's the right thing to do, to expose the children, at the right stage in the right dialogue, so they have an understanding."

Earlier this year, Prince William revealed how his late mother, Princess Diana, introduced him to the issue, saying, "My mother introduced me to the cause of homelessness from quite a young age, and I'm really glad she did."

He added, "I think she would be disappointed that we are still no further on, in terms of tackling homelessness and preventing it, than when she was interested and involved in it."

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