Prince Harry would 'pull a face' in response to how Prince Andrew would speak to royal staff

Prince Harry was reportedly shocked by Prince Andrew's treatment of palace staff

Prince Harry would 'pull a face' after Prince Andrew spoke to staff
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Prince Harry would 'pull a face' in reaction to Prince Andrew's treatment of palace staff, a royal insider has revealed. 

Prince Harry was less than impressed with his uncle's treatment of kitchen staff, according to a 2013 royal biography. 

The Duke of Sussex and his older brother, Prince William, had reportedly been taught by the late Princess Diana to always be kind to Kensington Palace employees—especially those responsible for the household duties. The brothers were often brought by their mother to "say thank you after a meal they'd enjoyed" to the chefs and porters, and were also encouraged to submit food requests politely. 

Prince Andrew, on the other hand, was allegedly far snappier with staff—even going so far as to 'bark' his demands. 

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"Andrew always came straight to the point and told you exactly what he wanted," former royal chef Darren McGrady reveals in Chris Hutchins' book, Harry: The People's Prince. 

“Whereas Harry had been taught to say ‘Please may I have…’, Andrew would bark, ‘Where are my mangoes? I want my mangoes.”

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The Duke of York's unpleasant tone was so jarring that Harry would "pull a face" after witnessing it. Unlike his uncle, who is 24 years his senior, he had learned from a young age to speak to staff with the utmost respect. 

“I’m not surprised that Harry has turned out to be the same as Diana. She doted on him," McGrady added. 

Diana's parenting skills may not have influenced Prince Andrew, but they certainly had an impact. 

According to McGrady, the Duke's wife, Sarah Ferguson, tried to emulate the late princesss' style with her own daughters, Eugenie and Beatrice. Unfortunately for Fergie, who is now divorced from Andrew, instilling manners in her children didn't come quite so naturally. 

"Fergie was always trying to copy her," McGrady recalls. “But it was so obvious that she was just trying to be Diana. Plus, she’d get the names of the chefs wrong.”

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