Prince Harry risks new family drama as he takes a swipe at Prince Charles and CBE scandal

Prince Harry has made a statement suggesting he 'expressed concerns' about donor involved with Prince Charles in CBE scandal

Prince Harry and Prince Charles drama
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Prince Harry risks new royal family drama as he suggests that although he 'expressed concerns' about a donor in a CBE scandal, the billionaire was given a CBE by Prince Charles.

Prince Charles awarded Saudi billionaire Mahfouz Marei Mubarak bin Mahfouz with a CBE at Buckingham Palace in 2016.

Since this time, there has been a 'cash for honors' scandal which suggests that wealthy billionaires are able to buy themselves a title by donating large sums of money to charities with royal affiliations. 

Only a few months ago, one of Prince Charles' closest aides, Michael Fawcett, stepped down after allegations he fixed a CBE for the wealthy Saudi tycoon, Mr. Mafouz.

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A new statement from Prince Harry reveals that he cut ties with the billionaire embroiled in the 'cash for honors' scandal almost a year before the Prince of Wales bestowed him with this honor.

The Duke of Sussex also added that he had expressed his 'growing concerns' about the billionaire's motives as it is understood that he was seeking recognition and residency in the UK and he was donating money to charities close to Prince Charles in the hope of obtaining both an honor and British citizenship.

A spokeswoman for Prince Harry told the Sunday Times in a rare statement, “The Duke and his advisors, as well as his nonprofit Sentebale, severed ties with Mr Mahfouz and his associates in 2015, no longer accepting further donations to Sentebale and discontinuing any plans for a fundraising event amid growing concerns over the motives for his support.”

“The Duke had one planned meeting with this donor nearly eight years ago, did not introduce him to any members of the royal family, and expressed his concerns about the donor.”

Prince Harry also criticized The Sunday Times’ reporting, with the spokeswoman saying, “It is disappointing that The Sunday Times, knowing all the facts, has chosen to encourage speculation by being deliberately vague to try to create a falsified link between the Duke of Sussex and the CBE scandal, of which he had no knowledge or involvement.”

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The Princes have reportedly had a fractious relationship over the past few months, particularly following Prince Harry and Meghan's explosive interview with Oprah as the couple revealed some members of the royal family had spoken in detail about their baby's skin color.

It was later suggested that Prince Charles was the 'royal racist' who questioned Archie's skin color, but this has not been confirmed by the royal family who categorically denies claims of racism.

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