King Charles's reaction to a royal fan asking his opinion on her manicure is too funny

We bet he wasn't expecting this!

King Charles' passion for the environment is part of the reason for this historic change
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In some sweet royal news, while on a recent visit to Scotland, King Charles was asked to critique a woman's manicure, and his response was actually pretty thoughtful.

As members of the royal family, King Charles, Queen Camilla, Prince William and Princess Kate have to face their public, who usually greet them with kindness. Sometimes, however, a fan will do something particularly silly or ask a strange question to catch their eyes - and one fan just managed to get King Charles' attention with her query. 

While Charles was in Tomintoul, Scotland on a visit, he was seen about to get into a car, when of course hundreds of fans lined up on a barricade for the chance to say hello to the King. One woman caught his attention by shouting out her question: "King Charles, what do you think of the nails?" she asked, waiving her hand around trying to get his attention.


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"The what?" he asked back, trying to recollect his thoughts. 

"The nails!" she said back, still waiving her hand around. 

Then, after realizing what the fan is asking, Charles comes closer to inspect the fan's manicure, which featured some rather long coffin shaped nails. 

"My goodness, how long does it take you to do those?" he said, going up to the woman and inspecting her manicure. After all, long bright coloured nails are certainly a far cry from anything Princess Kate or Queen Camilla would paint onto their nails - although Kate has gone a bit out of the box with some red nails recently. 

People in the comments of a TikTok that showed the encounter were totally enamored by Charles' reaction. 

"Hahahah imagine getting the king to check out your manicure😂 Her nail salon better get a copy of this clip on their site asap," one fan commented. 

"The King has grace , charm. He understood how important that manicure was to her & came over. It meant the world to her & understood," another said.

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Others praised the woman for her boldness when meeting the King. 

"I love this woman 😂 Decided to show off her manicure to the King- an absolute icon," another woman commented. 

"I need to know what was on her nails 😅 what if it was tiny portraits of the king?!? That would be iconic," another person inquired in the comments. 

Regardless, Charles' calmness and poise did not go unnoticed in that moment. 

On this visit to Scotland from September 2023, Charles was in the highest village of the Highlands to visit an energy efficient housing project - as well as having toured both the Tomintoul and Glenlivet Discovery Centres and the Tomintoul in the Cairngorms National Park.

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