King Charles shares rare look at royal Christmas lunch at Windsor Castle as fans thank him for 'amazing snippet of history'

Royal fans are amazed by this rare look back at a royal Christmas lunch at Windsor Castle

royal Christmas lunch at Windsor Castle
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King Charles has shared a rare, historical insight into a royal Christmas lunch at Windsor Castle from over a century ago, leaving royal fans in awe. 

In a special post shared on the Royal Collection Trust Instagram account, a photograph of the lavish Christmas lunch menu that was served when Queen Victoria hosted Christmas at Windsor Castle in 1899 was published. 

For Queen Victoria's festive get-together at the iconic royal residence, where Queen Elizabeth II spent much of her final year, dozens of guests and family members were fed plenty of traditional yuletide treats, including turkey and mince pies. 

"In 1899 Queen Victoria celebrated Christmas at Windsor Castle, where she presided over a festive evening dinner for 31 guests and 19 family members," a caption beside the snapshot of royal history read.

"This beautifully decorated menu shows the many different dishes consumed that evening and includes several traditional dishes still enjoyed at Christmas today, including turkey, mince pies and plum pudding," the post continued. 

Commenters were quick to point out that the indulgent menu is penned in French, as per royal tradition. 

"And in French too ... Of course! Thank you for sharing," one wrote. 

While another asked, "But WHY in french?"

Royal menus being written in French is a custom that dates back centuries, with Queen Elizabeth II, who was a fluent French speaker, continuing it throughout her reign and King Charles III no doubt set to carry it on too. 

royal Christmas lunch at Windsor Castle

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For those who don't speak French, the post was translated so that royal fans could peruse the royal menu. 

While the likes of turkey, sausages and mince pies all on offer at Queen Victoria's 1899 banquet, there was also slightly less traditional dishes being served, such as cream of cauliflower soup, sole fillet and asparagus with hollandaise sauce. 

"We know several of you will ask for a translation of the menu, so here it is. At this date dinner would be served in a rather different style to modern meals," the post went on to explain, adding, "The names of the courses are given in French, though they do not always match the names used today."

royal Christmas lunch at Windsor Castle

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The meal began with a cream of cauliflower soup, followed by a fillet of sole, "fried smelts" and "Verneuil sauce". 

Then came an entrée of "poultry cutlets", followed by a more recognizable stuffed turkey with chipolata sausages, along with roast beef and "chine of pork". 

Asparagus and hollandaise sauce was also served, along with mince pies, plum pudding and orange jelly for a festive dessert. 

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