King Charles III's personally chosen royal cypher leaves fans confused over mysterious 'R' letter

King Charles unveiled his royal cypher on Tuesday upon the official end of the Royal Family's period of mourning for Queen Elizabeth II

King Charles' royal cypher has fans confused over 'R' letter meaning
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King Charles III unveiled his royal cypher on Tuesday, marking the official end of Queen Elizabeth II's iconic monogram on royal and state documents. 

King Charles III's royal cypher has caused confusion amongst the public, as fans grapple to decode the meaning of the updated logo's mysterious 'R' letter. 

His Majesty unveiled his official monogram on Tuesday, marking the solemn end of Queen Elizabeth II's iconic E II R crest after 70 years in use. The new cypher is expected to become the British monarch's most recognizable trademark as it is gradually rolled out on government documents, military uniforms, and postboxes in the coming months. 

Consisting of an intertwined C and R beneath a Tudor Crown, the red and gold logo was personally selected by the King from a choice of 10 different designs prepared by the College of Arms. It will make its inaugural appearance on royal mail sent from Buckingham Palace on Tuesday, 27 September – which also marks the end of the Royal Family's mourning period following the death of Queen Elizabeth II

The King's cypher has already left some royal fans baffled, however, over its inclusion of the letter 'R'. Many have taken to Twitter to find answers to why the consonant is being used for the 73-year-old, whose full name (without titles) is Charles Philip Arthur George.


King Charles III's royal cypher has caused confusion

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What does the R stand for in Charles R?

The R in King Charles III's royal cypher stands for 'Rex', which is the Latin meaning of King or Ruler. 

Similarly, Queen Elizabeth II signed her letters as Elizabeth R, which stood for 'Regina', the Latin translation of 'Queen.' 

What was Queen Elizabeth II's royal cypher? 


Queen Elizabeth II's royal cypher

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Queen Elizabeth II's royal cypher consisted of the initials E II R, which stood for Elizabeth II Regina, and an image of St. Edward's Crown, the centerpiece of the iconic Crown Jewels. It was created ahead of her coronation in 1953 and has been used on military regalia, government buildings, and royal and state documents for the past 70 years. 

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