King Charles hailed 'ahead of his time' for passionate statement on his dietary preferences

A younger Charles shared his candid thoughts on vegetarianism and eating less meat in a resurfaced interview alongside Princess Diana

King Charles hailed 'ahead of his time' for passionate statement on his dietary preferences
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A resurfaced video of King Charles III discussing vegetarianism has earned the monarch widespread praise from royal fans. 

King Charles III has been hailed as 'ahead of his time' after a video of him sharing his views on vegetarianism resurfaced online. 

In the 1985 Royal Special: The Prince and Princess of Wales Talking Personally With Alastair Burnet, a younger Charles is directly questioned by the late ITN journalist about his dietary preferences.

"The other question is about the Prince and vegetarianism. Is that true, sir? Are you a vegetarian now?" Burnet asks in the interview, after mentioning that reports had circulated that the royal was now a veggie.

"No, I'm not a complete vegetarian...I started to examine the things I ate slightly more carefully than I had done before and became slightly more conscious of what I was eating," he replied. "I actually now don't eat as much meat as I used to. I eat more fish." 

Charles, who has long been known to skip lunch, goes on to criticize the societal resistance to abstaining from meat. 

The eldest son of Queen Elizabeth II said it was "extraordinary" that anyone would be "accused" of "being interested in vegetarianism", noting that nobody would complain about a person eating only meat. Charles argued there was a double standard, noting that it's "illogical" that "all hell seems to break loose" when someone chooses to eat a plant-based diet. 

"I should find that I feel better if I don't eat as much meat," he revealed after insisting that the most important matter when changing one's food habits is to ensure their nutritional intake is 'adequately balanced." 

Princess Diana also contributed to the discussion, adding, "It depends on what you call a vegetarian. You can be a vegetarian that doesn't eat fish, meat, cream, eggs. But you [Charles] eat all those things. It's just not as much meat as you might expect." 

Prince of Wales, known as the Duke of Rothesay when in Scotland meeting local community groups

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When asked by Burnet if she planned to follow in her husband's footsteps, Diana explained that she already had a preference for a pescetarian diet. 

"I prefer fish than I do meat, but I don't think I'm going dotty," she replied. The princess also said that Prince William and Prince Harry, who were young children at the time of the interview, were allowed to "eat what they like." 

"The part where Charles explained about being a vegetarian was awesome," one royal fan wrote beneath the interview, before adding, "Charles was definitely ahead of his time." 

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