How the Queen will be remembered this Christmas, from special London display to Princess Catherine’s carol service

This year, both Kate Middleton and a special Christmas lights display will honor Queen Elizabeth II

The Queen will be remembered with touching tributes this Christmas
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The late Queen Elizabeth II might not be around this Christmas, but her historic reign will still be honored, by her family and by people in London. Her Majesty will be celebrated with a gorgeous display of Christmas lights on Bond Street, one of London’s most iconic addresses and home to the biggest name designers and jewelry stores. Princess Catherine’s second annual Christmas Carol service will also pay tribute to the late Queen.

For 70 years, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II was a fixture in the homes of Britons during the holidays, giving her annual Christmas address and being seen attending church service in the morning.

The late Queen was known to love the holidays, whisking off to Sandringham or sometimes Balmoral for time together as a family.

So, the latest tributes are a perfect touch to honor and commemorate the longest serving monarch in British history.

The Queen was a lover of the holidays

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Princess Catherine will host a televised Christmas Carol service for the second year, taking place at Westminster Abbey and to be shown on UK channel ITV.

The celebratory event, which was announced with an invitation that confused some fans, will be held on Thursday, December 15, and will honor the values Queen Elizabeth II demonstrated throughout her life, "including empathy, compassion and support for others", a spokesperson for ITV said.

ITV added the service will "celebrate and showcase the joy that human connection can bring, forging friendships and strengthening communities, creating legacies of humility and kindness, whilst also providing relief and comfort in times of difficulty or loss."

In another touching nod to Her Majesty’s enduring legacy, a new scheme will introduce specially created Christmas lights on London’s prestigious Bond Street, inspired by both the Crown Jewels and the royal family’s connection to premiere jewelers based in the shopping district.

The stunning display will include over 93,000 LED’s using recyclable, long-life materials – a nod to sustainability, something which royals like King Charles III and Prince William and incredibly passionate about.  

The incredible festive display will include four magnificent crowns which will be visible at each of the key junctions on Bond Street.

The design takes inspiration from The Imperial State Crown, most notably seen last resting atop the Queen’s coffin.

The Bond Street christmas display will honor the Queen and the Royal Family's history from November 17

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On Bond Street, the crossings will have lights strung across which will echo the shape of shimmering platinum, gold, diamond and pearl necklaces in another nod to Her Majesty and the necklaces she was rarely seen without.

A further grand Tiara-like gateway, of sparkling gold, silver and luminous pearl lights will await visitors at another end of the street.

Bond Street have chosen to honor the Queen in such a way because of the intertwined and fascinating history which connects the royals to the world-famous destination.

Bond Street has close and deep connections to the royals

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Created by Sir Thomas Bond in 1686, who selected the site to be close to the palaces of St James’, Royal patronage played a key role in drawing the greatest merchants, artists and master artisans together to create the extraordinary designs of the day.  Today, the street and its neighbour - St James’ - boasts more Royal Warrants than any other area in the United Kingdom.

Bond Street’s legacy in the finest jewelry also stands proud and tall, being home to some of the world’s greatest houses such as Bulgari, Boodles, Cartier, David Morris, DeBeers, (which created a stunning diamond crown for Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee) and Tiffany & Co, which was given the Royal Warrant by Queen Victoria in 1882.

Christmas trip to London, anyone?

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