How Kate Middleton and Prince William are protecting Prince George with this sweet gesture

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are protecting Prince George with this sweet gesture that ensures his private childhood

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Prince William and Kate Middleton are protecting Prince George with this kind gesture that allows the young royal to have some 'semblance of a normal childhood'.

A royal expert has revealed that Prince George is being protected by his parents who made the decision that he would have a very different royal upbringing than his father, Prince William.

Speaking to True Royalty TV’s the Royal Beat, Royal expert Richard Kay explained, "William has curated George’s appearances in a completely different way from the way his mother and father curated his."

The expert explained that as a child, Prince William was, "thrust from a very young age center stage." In comparison, Prince George is only seen by the public on rare occasions. The eldest Cambridge child has only just turned nine and reportedly, Catherine and William are trying to preserve the young child's informal and private childhood. 

"William has taken a different view. He wants to protect [his children] for as long as possible, give them some semblance of a normal childhood," said the expert. "Inevitably, as [George] gets older, we’re going to see more of him, in a jacket and tie, at Wimbledon as we did, and at Platinum Jubilee-type celebrations," he added.

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The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have continued to invite their children to a number of royal engagements in the past few months. Prince George stole the show at Wimbledon earlier in the summer and in early August Princess Charlotte's cheeky faces at the Commonwealth Games had royal fans in stitches.

These rare public appearances show the Duke and Duchess understand that their children's position in the royal line of succession dictates they will be senior members of the Royal Family at some point and need to be seen on occasion. However, the infrequency of these appearances shows that their children are still enjoying a private childhood away from the limelight and scrutiny that comes with being a royal.

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