Duchess Kate offered new job by Country Life magazine after impressing with portraits of Camilla

Duchess Kate has jokingly been offered a new job after her photos impressed the editor of Country Life

Kate's camera skills have impressed magazine editors
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Duchess Kate might be the future Queen of England, but, as it turns out, she has backup career options. The Duchess of Cambridge impressed the editors of Country Life magazine after she was commissioned to take official portrait photos of Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall for an edition of the magazine she was guest editing.

The Royal Family certainly keeps busy.

Whether it’s endless royal engagements but still making time for regular activities, like Kate Middleton taking her children to a trampoline park, the royals also make time for sharpening other skills and pursuing their hobbies.

Camilla loves to read and set up a virtual book club, for example, and Duchess Catherine is continuing to show off her penchant for photography.

The latest achievement for Kate and her camera involved shooting the cover of Country Life magazine, where she nailed her work-from-home style while on set.

Duchess Camilla commissioned her daughter-in-law to photograph her in the garden of Ray Mill House in Lacock, Wiltshire.

Camilla is guest editor of the prestigious Country Life magazine for an upcoming issue to mark both her milestone 75th birthday and the magazine’s 125th anniversary.

The upcoming issue will be released on July 13 ahead of Camilla’s birthday on July 17.

Among the images taken by Catherine featured for the souvenir edition is one of Camilla’s Jack Russell terriers Bluebell and Beth wearing her pearls.

The photos were so impressive that the editor of the magazine is hoping to commission Catherine again in the future.

“We are thrilled to have our Guest Editor captured so magnificently by royal photographer The Duchess of Cambridge,” Country Life editor Mark Hedges said.

“We understand this is the first time a formal portrait of The Duchess of Cornwall has been taken by The Duchess of Cambridge for a magazine and we are honoured to have been chosen to be the first to publish this beautiful image.”

“The photographs are superb and we would be delighted to offer The Duchess of Cambridge another commission!”

Kate Middleton has a known love for photography

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Not only did Catherine impress with her photos, but Camilla’s professionalism was also praised by staff on the magazine.

Reps for the magazine said they “could not be happier with the results” after working alongside the Duchess of Cornwall and a small royal team for six months to complete the special 244-page magazine.

“The Duchess of Cambridge took her commission very seriously and was incredibly professional about the task at hand,” managing and features editor Paula Lester said.

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