The Queen has one strict family dining rule, and there’s no exceptions

The Queen imposes this one rule at dinner table – and not even the younger generations are immune

The Queen has a strict ban on cell phones when dining as a family
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It has been revealed that Her Majesty the Queen has a strict ban on anyone using cell phones when dining. The surprisingly relatable pet peeve means that everyone – including the younger generations – must dine without the distraction of gadgets.

When it comes to dining with the Queen, there are already plenty of protocols to deal with.

From the Queen's bizarre dinner rule all royals have to follow to the Queen’s sandwich rule to avoid being “overthrown” in line with a very unusual tradition, dinner with the royals isn’t exactly a trays in front of the TV affair.

Plus there’s plenty of food the royal family can’t eat – such as seafood when on royal tours, as a safety protocol to avoid catching food poisoning.

The Queen is said to like to keep her dinners formal, with some basic rules that apply to all.

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But it turns out not all the rules are about security or safety. In fact, the Queen has introduced a rule of her own that she expects everyone to follow, and that’s absolutely no phones or gadgets at the table.

British TV broadcaster and former member of parliament Gyles Brandreth appeared on ITV's This Morning and shared this particular rule the Queen has put in place when sitting down to dine.  He

Perhaps speaking for a lot of people who are sick of dinners and events interrupted by smartphones, Gyles prefaced the reveal by saying, "The Queen is my role model in all things."

He went on to explain, "One of the things she won’t allow at the table with her grandchildren and indeed her great-grandchildren is mobile phones at mealtimes.”

The Queen might not be a fan of the modern obsession with phones and gadgets


"She likes a formal, and I too like a fairly formal meal. It doesn’t mean to say you have to have a napkin. But you do have to sit at the table nicely and you certainly mustn’t eat with your mouth open!"

So, Princes George, Louis and Princess Charlotte might be some of the only Generation Z children growing up without a phone in their hands 24/7.

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