Witness Number 3 ending explained: Who betrayed Jodie and her final emotional decision unravelled

The Witness Number 3 ending delivered a heart-wrenching twist and Jodie made another challenging decision before the credits rolled

Witness Number 3 ending explained. Seen here are members of the Channel 5 drama's cast
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The Witness Number 3 ending unravelled the full web of deception and intimidation that Jodie had been facing and she soon found herself having to make another huge decision.

A year since it first landed on Channel 5 and Witness Number 3 has landed on Netflix, bringing its impactful storyline and brilliant cast performances of the likes of Nina Toussaint-White and Sue Johnston to a whole new audience. If you loved the evidence-gathering focus of shows like Criminal Minds and the emotional and shocking nature of the Karen Pirie ending this might just be for you. Nina masterfully plays single mum and business owner Jodie whose testimony about an altercation makes her a witness - and one soon facing intense intimidation.

Here we explain the Witness Number 3 ending and all we know so far about whether there’ll be a season 2 as the show rises into the UK top 10 on Netflix…

*Warning: Spoilers ahead*

Witness Number 5 starring Nina Toussaint-White

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Witness Number 3 ending explained

Each episode building up to the Witness Number 3 ending raised the stakes even higher for single mum Jodie Packer. As the titular anonymous witness, the hairdressing business owner came forward when she saw an altercation that led to murder. The prime suspects were a local gang and it wasn’t long before Jodie was targeted with a campaign of intimidation. In Witness Number 3 ending, Jodie finally found out who was behind it - and it’s one die-hard Line of Duty fans might’ve been tempted to suspect from the beginning.

It was revealed that Detective Whelan had betrayed Jodie to the gang. All along she’d been there every step of the way, reassuring Jodie that the police would keep her and her son Kyle safe and that she couldn’t back out of giving evidence. The truth came out in a confrontation close to the safehouse cabin in the woods that Whelan had taken her to. 

Whelan had alerted two gang members - including Po, who was there reluctantly, and had been attacked in self-defence by Jodie the previous night when he broke into her home and had spoken to her about his family situation.

Rushing to Jodie’s rescue at the last minute, he shot the other gang member and Jodie allowed Po to drive “as far away from here as possible” as she gave him a way out of the violent life he’d got embroiled in. It was then that she turned to face Detective Whelan looking quietly furious.

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“It was never meant to end like this,” the corrupt detective declared. “I promise.” 

The detective then explained how it was initially “just little favours” from one gang to another but had rapidly got out of control. After all that Jodie had been put through, she raised Po’s gun and pointed it at the police officer and fans were left with hearts racing for several minutes to find out if she did pull the trigger.

Scenes of a tree and flashing blue lights then cut in as the sound of sirens rang out. If we’ve learnt anything throughout the drama it’s that Jodie has a desire to do good and the Witness Number 3 ending thankfully didn’t suddenly change this aspect of her character. An unharmed Whelan was seen being escorted to a police car by fellow officers in handcuffs and later being interrogated back at the police station.

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It emerged that Whelan had received £90,000 which prevented her home being repossessed and had received and deleted messages from gang member Sean Delkin. He’d offered her the money if she planted evidence on a rival drug dealer. She’d done it, but Delkin then had this over her to control her and when he was arrested for murder, he got Whelan to hand over the names of the witnesses, including Jodie.

Whelan was the one who’d disabled the panic alarm that had been installed at Jodie’s home and gave the gang a key so they could get inside. Cornered, a weary Whelan then gave them the location of the knife that Delkin had used for the murder, covered in his DNA. Later, fans saw Jodie and her mum Cathy discussing Whelan’s revelation and how it meant Jodie wouldn’t have to testify anymore. 

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In the closing stages of the Witness Number 3 ending Jodie met up with PC Ivan Barkas who was wracked with guilt over what happened between them whilst he was supposed to be protecting her. For a while she had suspected him and his name had been used to deactivate the panic alarm. Ivan told her that they’d got a suspect in custody for the shooting in the woods and asked her to come in to do an I.D. Knowing it would be Po, she agreed but looked conflicted. 

Ultimately when Ivan told her they’d have to let him go if she couldn’t make an I.D and asked her if she recognised him, she answered, “No” before the credits started to roll. Jodie’s empathy and determination to help Po after he saved her life inspired her final act in the Witness Number 3 ending.

Will there be a Witness Number 3 season 2? 

After re-watching the high-octane drama of the Witness Number 3 ending since it’s come to Netflix, fans might be wondering again if there’ll be a season 2. At the moment there’s been no official announcement of the show being renewed for another season. Although other series that started out as standalones have been renewed, like The Tourist and The Responder, in this case it might be less likely that there’ll be a Witness Number 3 season 2.

Although Witness Number 3 has only just gone to Netflix, the show first premiered on Channel 5 a year ago and so we might typically have expected to hear news of a renewal by now. Meanwhile, plot-wise, the Witness Number 3 ending did tie up the loose ends. 

A continuation of the plot for season 2 would perhaps have to see Jodie’s lie to save Po uncovered but the way she protected him and gave him a chance of a new life rounded off the show satisfyingly already. Another way could be to make a second season about another witness entirely, though it was Jodie’s situation which really drew viewers in. So whilst there could be an announcement of a Witness Number 3 season 2, it seems more likely that it will remain a brilliant standalone show.

All episodes of Witness Number 3 are available to watch now via Netflix and My5. 

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