Perfect Wife: Who is Sherri Papini and where is she now?

Her family photos painted her as the perfect wife and mother, but Sherri Papini is at the centre of Hulu's latest true crime documentary

Sherri Papini with her former husband Keith
Sherri Papini with her former husband Keith
(Image credit: Sherri Papini's family)

With new documentary, Perfect Wife, set to hit screens this week, true crime fans may have heard of Sherri Papini - but who exactly is she and where is she now? 

Released on Hulu on June 20th, Perfect Wife recounts how former housewife Sherri Papini deceived her husband, Keith, the public and even the authorities in a gripping true crime case. 

Recounting events spanning almost a decade, Perfect Wife has endless twists and turns over its three episodes that will leave viewers to question who is telling the truth. But who exactly is Sherri Papini and where is she now? 

Sherri Papini

(Image credit: Shasta County Sheriff)

Who is Sherri Papini?

It’s rare that art imitates life, but it’s not surprising that she has been dubbed the ‘real’ Gone Girl - as she is eerily similar to the character portrayed by Rosamund Pike.

Sherri Papini is a former housewife who mysteriously disappeared on a run near her home in Redding, California.

Despite authorities initially suspecting her husband could have been responsible, it was later revealed that the mum-of-two had planned her own disappearance.

Alarm bells only began to ring three weeks later, after Sherri was discovered on a remote road with multiple injuries and a chain around her waist.

Having initially refused to speak with police, Sheri later claimed to have been captured by two women - only to be released during the early hours of Thanksgiving morning.

As she was questioned by authorities, she said that she was left near Interstate 5 before making the arduous 150-mile journey home alone.

It was only in the years that followed that those investigating her case were able to prove that she planned the elaborate hoax.

Rather than being held captive, it was eventually revealed that Sherri had faked the alleged kidnapping with DNA on her clothing matching her former boyfriend, James Reyes.

After this discovery in 2020, police uncovered that the pair had been having an ongoing affair.

In addition to picking her up from the staged abduction site, James had hid Sherri at his home in Costa Mesa - despite the national search for the missing woman.

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Where is Sherri Papini now?

Following the elaborate hoax, Sherri later pleaded guilty to lying to a federal office and was sentenced to 18 months in prison.

She was also found guilty of mail fraud, having received funds from the California Victim’s Compensation Board due to her alleged kidnapping.

Despite this, the now 41-year-old only served 10 months of her sentence as a judge ruled that she wasn't a 'threat' to the community.

With her divorce finalised, Sherri now lives with her boyfriend Shawn Hibdon in a house which is only 30 miles from her former family home.

You can stream Perfect Wife on Hulu from June 20th. 

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