What’s your number-one beauty trick for the festive season?… Today’s debate

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  • We’re fascinated by new research that reveals British women wear three times their usual amount of make-up during the Christmas party season.

    Whereas the normal four staples in our beauty bags are mascara, foundation, blusher and lip gloss, when December arrives, we really go to town! False eyelashes, glitter and highlighter are added along with bronzer, eyeliner, lipstick and more!

    And, according to the poll of more than 1,400 woman by Debenhams, the amount of time we spend preening ourselves in front of the mirror goes up from a mere 20 minutes on a normal day to a full hour for Christmas party beauty preparation!

    All of which has got us chatting at w&h about our secret weapons for looking our best on an evening out (important stuff with the w&h Christmas party coming up)…eyebrow tints, a layer of primer and, of course, lashings of perfume are among the essentials – along with focusing on our outfits and killer heels!

    How about you – we’d all love to know your beauty secrets (please!), so tell us in the comments box below or join the discussion in our forums now!

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