What’s Jennifer Saunders’ Biggest Fear? She’s Revealed All In Our New Issue…

Five years from now… I’ll be 60. I hope 
I will have a big bash. I hope I’m riding horses more. And I hope I will be being offered lots of lovely comedy acting work in huge, award-winning films. Basically, I want to be Helen Mirren by the time I’m 60!

My biggest fear… is that I’ll never be able to grow my nails. Six months ago, they were long and lovely, then I bit them all off. It’s a cycle: I put gels on and they grow again and I go, “How lovely, I’m never biting these again.” And the next thing I know they’re down to nothing.

My biggest regret… is that I didn’t learn to play a musical instrument, probably the piano, just so I could accompany people if the mood took me.

Relaxation is… watching rubbish telly, like Homes Under The Hammer or Dickinson’s Real Deal on a long sofa, with a glass of white wine. I think 
I honestly couldn’t be happier. But 
I’m generally pretty relaxed. In fact, I’m generally too relaxed!

The thing I’m best at… is finding things. I’m really good at mentally visualising 
a room and thinking what that person might have done when they came in; where they might have put the keys. 
In fact, my plan-B career would have been forensics 
and detectivism.

Bonkers: My Life In Laughs (Penguin) by Jennifer Saunders is out now in paperback.

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