What everyday essential would you struggle to live without?… Today’s Debate

We all have those little essentials in life. The things that make the day run more smoothly. While family might seem an obvious answer, a new survey by Disney has revealed that only a third of people rated their spouse as their top bare necessity, with television and Internet connection topping the chart of life’s 20 bare necessities.

A cuddle and a trustworthy friend trailed in third and fourth place in the survey of 2000 people aged from 18 to 65, with a daily shower, central heating and a cup of tea also ranking in the top 10.

Unsurprisingly, four out of 10 people put their iPhones on the list as the only way to keep up with their busy lives. This has sparked something of a debate in the office, and now we’re all admitting to our materialistic must-haves. Be it chocolate, a glass of wine or a full English breakfast. We can’t help but think we’ve all become a little pampered!

But what’s your everyday must-have? How would you cope if you couldn’t have it?

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