What do you think should be the new Pope’s top priority?… Today’s Debate

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  • From everything we’ve heard about the new Pope Francis, the former Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio‬, he sounds like a jolly good egg! A humble, giving, generous man – who has, up till now, taken the bus to work, cooked his own meals and paid regular visits to the slums of Buenos Aires, dedicating his life to pastoral care.

    But now he’s in the top job in the Roman Catholic Church, his concerns are manifold and at w&h we’re wondering what he should make his top priority…is it time to take a more modern approach to birth control? Is it time to allow women priests? Should there be a review of the approach to abortion? Should priests be allowed to marry and live more normal lives? Is it time to accept same sex marriage?

    So many issues for Pope Francis to consider and the consensus at w&h is that he should quickly relent on the current anti-contraception stance of the church, not least to tackle the Aids epidemic in the poorest parts of the world.

    How about you? What would you like to see the new Pope tackle first? Even for those of us who aren’t religious, there’s no doubting the influence of this one man on the 1.2billion Roman Catholics around the world. Tell us your views in the comments box below or join the debate in our forums now…

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