What Do The Stars Hold For 2017?

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    Show me an Aries that hasn’t fallen off the pinnacle of its high expectations recently and I’ll reveal someone living on borrowed time. These past few years have taught most of you the value of persistence and the virtue of facing a defeat with dignity. What hopefully has not happened is that you have become so gun-shy, you’re settling for the slow lane of life and giving up on your ambitions. With Jupiter in your opposite sign until mid-October you now have a real chance of succeeding where once you failed and of finding great happiness. Put those lessons into practice though: don’t give your pearls to swine and refuse any offer that promises a quick return for your investment. February starts the ball rolling with an unexpected stroke of good fortune and your star will be shining bright until the end of the year.

    Fab dates:   3 and 25 March  19 May  28 September 16 December

    Drab dates: 22 February  11 April  30 June  8 July  28 November


    2017 represents the end of a seven year cycle for you. Jupiter’s entry into your opposite sign in October and Saturn’s arrival in Capricorn in December both mark a new beginning, so you should treat the bulk of the year as a seeding ground. Work diligently towards your ends, whether they be of a material, financial and professional nature or personal, romantic and family-oriented. The February and August eclipses are the big game-changers, precipitating events that alter your course and reveal where your priorities lie. Much of what is taking place in 2017 lies underground, under the radar, so making decisions that prove workable is going to be a major challenge. This pattern will start to shift mid-year; even so, you’ll need to be flexible in your planning and tolerant with other people’s vicissitudes.

    Fab dates:  14 February 26 April 23 June 1 October 11 November

    Drab dates: 10 May  24 July 6 August 8 October 4 November


    The combination of Saturn and Neptune has made life complicated for most Geminis. Great plans have fizzled out, seemingly for no good reason, and after a series of disappointments you may well have lost some of your innate self-belief. Fortunately, you’re on the home stretch in 2017 and even though you may still have to work hard to achieve your ends, you will be able to see projects through to the finish – and very successfully too in most cases. There is a lot more fun to be had this year – a great holiday for some, opportunities to showcase your skills for others, and adding to the family by birth or marriage for a few. March and September are important months for your future, and it may seem as though fate has taken you by the hand. It hasn’t. Seeds of events were sown many moons ago.

    Fab dates:     11 February 12 May 3 June 26 October 18 December

    Drab dates:   25 February 12 March 29 May 18 June  11 October


    If there has been a lesson to learn over these past few years and the Uranus-Pluto tango it has been to expect the unexpected and not to bank on the bankable. And now you are more resilient and flexible. (You are, aren’t you?) Jupiter’s passage through the fourth house of your solar chart will help you find greater stability and success in 2017, although you may not get the smoothest of rides each and every month – July is particularly volatile, yet packed with excitement too. Home and family take the top spot with some Cancerians expanding the home base whether in terms of bricks and mortar or new family members, and you could see your finances improve by an unexpected gift or the sale of a property. A trip overseas may come about unexpectedly early in the year or a permanent move abroad could be on the cards.

    Fab dates:     12 January  24 June  31 July 9 & 30 September

    Drab dates:  9 April  30 June 8 July  19 November 23 December


    You are going to learn a lot this year. Not only because there are marvellous lessons to be learned in terms of experience but you could also find yourself taking courses or embarking on a programme which will add to your bank of skills and increase your earning power. Or it could simply be that you develop a thirst for knowledge. From time to time Saturn may cramp your style, whether you’ll be too busy for pleasure or because bringing new things into being involves struggle and delays, but press on. Later in 2017 you can expect good news and a delivery of sorts. Travel is on the agenda, and people you meet en route or in distant places could become important figures in your life. And perhaps because of those new relationships old friendships and working associations may fade. On balance, though 2017 is a good year for the Leo Lion.

    Fab dates:       1 January 11 February 21 August  9 September  18 December

    Drab dates:     23 February 17 March   4 August  27 September  18 November


    For many Virgos 2016 brought triumphs but not for all. If you enter 2017 feeling bruised, battered and disappointed, do not for a moment think the Jupiter transit of your sign last year did nothing. Seeds were planted and they will grow into great blooms over time. This planet of abundance will be moving through the area of self-worth this year upping your value whether in terms of money and prestige or who loves and admires you. Hang on to that thought. Late February and March are months of change – some of it very welcome – and in order to maximise success in 2017 you should get off the starting block in early January. Don’t wait for other people to make their moves or you’ll waste valuable time. There could be some happy events in May and July, and for a handful of Virgos a dream will come true on or near the 26th February.

    Fab dates:      12 January  26 February  21 April  19 May  11 November

    Drab dates:    12 March   14 June  6 and 24 September  3 December


    It has taken twelve long years for Jupiter to transit your sign but here it is – opening doors for you in 2017 and giving you some of the happiest moments you’ve had in many moons. For many Librans this happiness springs from your love life, but if you can marry your energy and focus to your desire you can achieve great things in other areas of life too. It is also worth starting ventures that will take years to complete because those things begun on a Jupiter transit have a far better chance of succeeding. Please overcome your tendency to procrastinate – go for your dreams in 2017 because it will be a lot tougher thereafter. Opportunities arise suddenly and where you least expect them – early March is one such time, late September another. Make the most of your fabulous stars.

    Fab dates:     14 February   25 March   15 April    21 September     21 October

    Drab dates:   27 February   11 April  10 July   10 October   24 December


    One word sums up 2017 – preparation. You have roughly ten months in which to lay down the building blocks of future projects, whether you see this in terms of your love life, family or career. As soon as Jupiter enters your sign (10th October) the foundations should be in place and from there you’ll start to see your creations take shape. The eclipses of the year fall on the axis of life-direction, so you can expect the biggest changes to occur in your career and at home base. And the periods to look out for are mid-February and all of August. 2017 is also the year of fitness. Take it slow, but you can become stronger, healthier and leaner and meaner in this year of preparation. These past few years may have seen you give up on a dream or two, but your hopes and self-belief need a reboot. Yes you can!

    Fab dates:       6 May  23 June   8 September   25 October   1 November

    Drab dates:     9 April     10 May    20 July    14 August    4 November


    When midnight chimes on New Year’s Eve you can raise your glass to a 2017 of gradual improvements – gradual being the operative word. Saturn is on the final lap of its transit through your sign so some of the blockages and disappointments of the past two years will be replaced with progress and achievement. Patience is still required, though, and more than once you face the difficult task of knowing when to give up and when to continue your efforts. Trust your instincts. Collaborations and friendships are areas of growth, and although money should not be thrown around, this is a premium year for starting entrepreneurial enterprises. The full moon of the 9th June, the Jupiter-Uranus opposition of 3rd March and 28th September represent the power points of the year – liberation and opportunity being your buzz words.

    Fab dates:     27 March    19 May    20 August    28 September     16 December

    Drab dates:    19 January    29 May   15 June    6 September    11 October


    The astrological plus for you this year is that Jupiter will be riding high – at the very top of your solar chart – helping you move onward and upward. You may be feeling less than optimistic as 2017 begins – you’ve had to cope with many upsets over the past few years – but you must not lose hope. Early March and late September are times of great opportunity. You may experience a release at these times or events will conspire to change your prospects – and in a good way. There is a strong focus on home, family and property in the first half of the year, which will work in different ways for different Capricorns – a wedding in the family or a new arrival for some, a house move for others. From July the accent is still on finding your place in the world, but with a greater emphasis on career.

    Fab dates:     29 March    24 June   5 August    28 September    24 December

    Drab dates:   22 February  8 April   8 July   9 October   18 November


    Any year with two eclipses in your sign is going to be a big year. Think back to August of 2015, did anything significant occur then? Effectively, this was the beginning of a two-year period in which much will change, first and foremost in your love life and second your priorities and life-focus. February is an outstanding month, whether you see the successful culmination of a project begun some six months beforehand or because you are able to begin a new and exciting chapter. There could be plenty of travel, and if you’re not visiting distant places you’ll be mixing with people from different cultures and expanding your knowledge and experience of the world. Indeed, one of the reasons 2017 is a big year could be because of where you go and who you meet. Destiny awaits…

    Fab dates:       11 February  3 June   23 July  21 August   16 September

    Drab dates:     16 January   27 February  2 July  7 August  1 December


    The dispiriting Saturn-Neptune alignment of 2016 will be dwindling as the year opens, and with Venus in your sign you may sense you have put your troubles behind you and are facing a new and beautiful dawn. And with a solar eclipse in Pisces on 26 February, that new dawn may well be confirmed by the events of the first half of the year. Nonetheless, Saturn hasn’t left the solar system so there will be the occasional set-back and you will need to focus on practicalities as opposed to dreams. Indeed, despite lack of success with one of your greatest goals, rather than give up and diversify you should put even more fuel into achieving it. Early March and late September are times of break-through. Health and fitness are also top of the agenda – 2017 is the year of living beautifully.

    Fab dates:     2 March    15 April    24 June    5 September    2 November

    Drab dates:   11 May   14 June      25 September  9 October  7 December    

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