Tommy Dark in Fool Me Once: Who is he and who killed him?

Tommy Dark is a curious character in Fool Me Once who is rather pivotal to the murder mystery series, but who on earth is he?

Fool Me Once - Tommy Dark
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Fans have loved Fool Me Once on Netflix, but some have been left a little puzzled as they wonder, who is Tommy Dark?

Fool Me Once, a Netflix drama starring Michelle Keegan, Richard Armitage, and Joanna Lumley has delighted viewers who have been completely invested in this show. While some have been baffled by the Fool Me Once plot hole, others are more interested in the coats in Netflix's Fool Me Once, and some have just been totally confused by the complicated narratives in the show. In particular, some viewers were slightly confused about the character Tommy Dark.

Here's what you need to know about this shady character, plus who killed Tommy Dark...

Warning! There are spoilers ahead!

Fool Me Once

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Who is Tommy Dark?

In episode three Maya visited Corey the Whistle who revealed that Claire discovered that the Burketts were paying a man called Tommy Dark £9,000 a month for the past 26 years. He found that Tommy owned a shipping company but nothing was related to the Burketts. Maya investigated Tommy at his company and was given his home address by an employee who was angered about her lack of pay for the past two months. 

Maya then spoke with Tommy's wife who found evidence of the bank transfers from the Burketts. It was revealed that Tommy was the captain of the Burketts' yacht and the money he received was a bribe for him to keep quiet. Mrs Dark then revealed that she hadn't heard from her husband in six weeks and he was missing.

After confronting Judith Burkett, she refused to admit why she was paying the captain of the yacht that Andrew died on. Maya assumed that it was because she wanted to cover up the fact that Andrew killed himself, but this wasn't true.

Fool Me Once

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Who killed Tommy Dark?

It was revealed that Joe Burkett was the person who killed Tommy Dark. At the end of episode five, Maya and Corey found Tommy's dead body in a freezer in his own rental unit.

But why did Joe killed him? Well, 26 years ago Joe killed Andrew while they were on their family's yacht together with a group of school friends. Andrew and Joe were involved in the murder of Theo Mora just a few weeks earlier and Andrew felt guilty and wanted to confess. To save himself, Joe decided to kill his own brother so that he could never be found guilty of Theo's murder and Andrew's death would look like a suicide after losing a close friend.

Tommy Dark, who was the captain at the time, was then paid by the Burketts to keep Andrew's murder and Joe's involvement to himself. However, decades later, Joe then killed Tommy Dark - and used Maya's car to dispose of the body. This was because Claire was investigating Tommy and getting closer to the truth about Andrew Burkett, Theo Mora, and the corrupt nature of Lamba Pharma and their dodgy drugs. Ultimately Tommy just knew too much and was a threat to Joe, so he had to go.

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