Everyone's obsessed with Bradley Cooper's mom as she stars in new advert alongside him

Bradley Cooper’s mother is the star of the show in this new T-mobile commercial that debuted during the Super Bowl

Bradley Cooper
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It’s very clear where Academy Award nominated actor Bradley Cooper got his acting chops from: his own mother Gloria. 

In a new commercial for T-Mobile that debuted during last night’s Super Bowl, Bradley, one of the hottest leading men of all time, is seen dressed up as one of the chain's employees - but it's his mother Gloria, who co-stars in the ad, that steals the show.

The spot kicks off with an announcer explaining, "To tell you all the incredible things about T-Mobile, we tried to make a commercial with Bradley Cooper and his mother!"

The focus quickly shifts to the mother-and-son duo, both of them immediately breaking character and drawing laughs from each other. 

In the one-minute-long ad, Gloria pokes fun at Bradley, calling him a flamingo given the shade of his shirt, asking if T-Mobile actually offers 5G, complaining about the difficulty involved in following the cues from teleprompter while acting and telling her kid to "smile, you look like a clamp."

After that last diss, Bradley responds to his mother saying, "I think I know what I'm doing, I’ve been nominated nine times," clearly referring to his work on Silver Linings Playbook, American Hustle, American Sniper, A Star is Born, Joker and Nightmare Alley. 

Following Bradley’s brag, his mother responds, "Yeah, but you never won any!" Cue the laughs!

Lest you think the routine to have been set up in advance, think again: as explained by Ad Age, "T-Mobile's SuperBowl ad wasn't originally supposed to be in the form of outtakes. But when Bradley Cooper and his mom sat down for a table read the brand changed course." 

Fans loved the spot and took to Twitter to express their sentiments. 

Bradley Cooper

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"T-Mobile’s spot featuring Bradley Cooper and his mom Gloria. Charming, people love outtakes and bloopers," one user commented on the platform.

"Your mom kept it real! So funny!👏🏼😍😂," another one wrote.

"Bradley Cooper and his mom should win something for their heartwarming and funny clips shooting the T Mobile commercial," a third Twitter user suggested. "Loved it."

Gloria is no stranger to the camera and Bradley’s fans have come to know her throughout the years as the 48-year-old actor has often asked her to accompany him on red carpet events, including the Oscars. 

Who can forget her appearance back in 2019, for example? During that year's Academy Awards, Julia Roberts presented the best picture award (as a reminder, Green Book won that year!) and then closed off the show with a shout out to Gloria. 

"Well, apparently, that wraps up the 91st Academy Awards," Julia said on stage. "I would like to say congratulations to all the nominees, and good night to Bradley Cooper’s mother and my children, and thank you for watching."

It's clear that everyone loves Bradley’s mom - and for good reason!

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