This Morning's Matthew Wright reveals 6-month stalker ordeal that almost snatched his newborn baby

Matthew Wright
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This Morning's Matthew Wright and his wife Amelia have recalled the harrowing moment his six-month stalker threatened to snatch their newborn baby daughter.

The horrific ordeal comes after Michelle Ranicar, 53, pleaded guilty to one count of stalking to cause serious alarm or distress at Wood Green Court.

The TV presenter and his partner described the moment Ranicar turned up at their home between November 2018 and May last year, wanting to take their miracle baby named Cassady.

"The final visit is when we got the police involved," Matthew revealed on ITV's Lorraine. "She said things like, 'I want to hold the baby, I want the baby'."

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The ordeal left Amelia, who had eight years of IVF to fall pregnant, too scared to leave the house.

Amelia continued, "Just after Cassidy had been born, she turned up at the doorstep. I was on my own the first time and she was trying to push her hand through the letterbox saying, 'I want the baby, I want to hold the baby, give me the baby'."

She added, "I didn’t want to go out the house because she said she wanted to snatch the baby."

Ranicar was a regular audience member for The wright Stuff - a Channel 5 programme that Matthew used to present. She also called herself a "super-fan" of Matthew in an interview in 2016.

But Matthew said the stalking hell "absolutely takes over your life" and his wife Amelia, added, "I hope help is given for this, but it’s left me emotionally scarred."

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