Last week, a collection of images taken on board Scandinavian Airline flights in the 1970s showed the astonishing difference between in-flight food then and now.

(Image published with the courtesy of The SAS Museum Oslo airport Norway)

What a difference 40 years makes! In the 70s, vacationers were treated to in-flight banquets, fruit platters and even hog roasts carved before their very eyes.

(Image published with the courtesy of The SAS Museum Oslo airport Norway)

In the 21st century, however, customers have found themselves feasting on delectable dishes like this when flying...

IMAGE: Twitter @stevepheby

How times - and tastes - have changed. Feeling nostalgic? Take a trip down memory lane with these highlights of the 1970s...


One summer in particular trumps them all. In 1976, a scorching heatwave engulfed Britain, when for 16 consecutive days temperatures exceeded 30 degrees celsius. The hottest day of all was July 3rd, when temperatures reached 35.9 degrees celsius in Cheltenham.

Compare that to summer 2015, which the Met Office called ‘the coldest summer in years' - closely followed by the summers of 1998 and 2011, when average temperatures were a paltry 13.9 degrees celsius.


Food in the 1970s were either yellow, brown, or somewhere inbetween. Diners tried to get to grips with their first slippery plate of Spaghetti Bolognese, and dinner party hosts showed off their culinary flair by serving up retro delights such as Black Forest Gateau, quiche, prawn cocktail and comforting rice pudding. And who could forget THESE stalwarts of the festive menu?


Or lack (thereof). Here us out - nowadays you might not be able to live without your smartphone, but there was a time when technology didn't dominate our lives, and you caught up with friends in person rather than following their updates on social media. And in our opinion, phones were WAY snazzier back then...

However, this was the decade where technology really took off - the birth of modern computing, more sophisticated space explorations, the microwave and the VHS all became hugely popular in the 70s.


1978 was a particularly good year for iconic adverts such as the Cadbury's Milk Tray advert and the Cinzano Airline advert featuring Joan Collins and Leonard Rossiter Cinzano Airline advert.


There were far fewer channels and adverts back then, so viewers developed a certain fondness for these adverts. These days we're spoiled for choice entertainment-wise, but the adverts on modern screens lack the style and class of the past...