The Sex and the City 2 nanny was almost played by this unlikely British celebrity

The Sex and the City 2 nanny was played by Alice Eve, but she wasn't the only person who auditioned for the role

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Sex and the City 2 may not have earned any Oscars, but it sure won some Hollywood credit for its star-studded cast.

With appearances from A-listers like Liza Minnelli, Miley Cyrus, and Penelope Cruz, the 2010 movie sequel of the hit TV series was chock-a-block with famous faces. 

However, there's one celebrity that tried out for a coveted spot next to the likes of Sarah Jessica Parker and Kristin Davis — but didn't quite make the cut. 

Katie Price, also known as Jordan, has revealed in a recent interview on the Fellas podcast that she had auditioned for the role of Charlotte's nanny on Sex and the City 2.

When asked if she'd ever done any acting, she recalled a particular experience but needed some help to jog her memory on the details. 

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"What’s that popular film with the four women?" she asked. Once it was confirmed to be Sex and the City 2, she continued:

"I auditioned to be the babysitter on that and obviously, I clearly didn’t get it. But I auditioned for that." 

Sex and the City 2 (Photo by Tim P. Whitby/Tim P. Whitby/Getty Images)

Sex and the City 2 could have seen Katie Price playing the nanny 

(Image credit: Tim P. Whitby/Tim P. Whitby/Getty Images)

Katie didn't appear too gutted over the rejection, admitting that she has no plans to read any scripts in the future. 

 "I have never done acting and that. I will eventually like to do a film about my life but I wouldn’t want to act it," the author and model said. "I would want to get someone to do it." 

The role of the Sex and the City 2 nanny ultimately went to Alice Eve, an American-English actress with an impressive resumé of TV and film gigs. 

She played the Irish free spirit Erin, who was hired by Charlotte to look after her daughters, Lily and Rose. Although initially embraced by the mother-of-two, she became a source of suspicion when Charlotte feared she was becoming too intimate with her husband. Luckily, it transpired that Erin was, in fact, gay and had no interest in breaking up her boss's marriage. 

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The Sex and the City 2 nanny was played by Alice Eve 

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While it might be over a decade since the movie sequel, it looks like the Sex and the City hype refuses to die down. Fans of the franchise recently rejoiced at the news of a reboot, And Just Like That, which will see the return of the iconic friend squad, as well as many other familiar characters. 

One castmate that will not be resuming her part is Kim Catrall, who played the foursome's beloved alpha woman, Samantha Jones. After it was confirmed by HBO Max bosses that she has been written out of the Sex and the City reboot, fans took to social media to vote for Liz Hurley to replace Kim — a role we think the British supermodel would be pretty pleased to take on. 

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