Queen fashion

The Queen’s Most Fashionable Moments

Mother, Grandmother, great-Grandmother, the UK’s longest-reigning monarch and…style icon. Queen Elizabeth II may have just celebrated her 90th birthday, but her stylish status isn’t about waver any time soon.

As a nation, we’ve watched our Queen grow and looked back fondly on the memories of her time as monarch, and of course, fashion has always played a huge part in this. From her very first engagement as Queen to more relaxed outings in Balmoral, she truly is the Queen of fashion – no matter what the occasion.

Growing up in the war, a young Elizabeth was given the same ration cards
as everyone else. For her wedding to Philip Mountbatten in 1947, she
saved them up to pay for her dress, and she has continued to be thrifty
with her fashion choices; sending her shoes and bags to be repaired
rather than replaced. 

The Queen’s timeless style means that even her most fashion-forward outfits don’t look outdated. Of course, no-one would have expected our Queen to wear a mini skirt in the 60s, or bell bottoms in the 70s and so on, but she has continuously nodded to trends with subtle tailoring and prints while maintaining her elegant personal style, all the while managing to have a little fun with fashion.

Not many fashion icons have managed to stay true to their own sartorial signature over the years while embracing each decade’s mought sought-after trends in a more subtle way – apart from Her Majesty, that is. Designer, fashion icon and royalist Karl Lagerfeld said of her: “She is never ridiculous; she is flawless. For this job, in our day, she is perfect.”

A pioneer of British designers, Queen Elizabeth’s style is synonymous with designers such as Hardy Amies, Frederick Fox and, more recently, Rachel Trevor-Morgan. Her style has devloped from the early days of her reign, when she favoured stuctured, full-skirted dresses with embelishment, to more tailored designs in plain, block colours over the past two decades.

Emulated by many but achieved by few, the Queen’s stylish look really is one of a kind. Which of her looks have you loved the most? Tell us on our Facebook page, then take a more detailed look at Queen Elizabeth II’s most impressive fashion moments in our Queen Elizabeth style retrospective here…