5 Secret Thoughts Of Mary Berry

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  • We are absolutely loving The Great British Bake Off this season and we are especially pleased to see the Queen of Baking, Mary Berry, gracing our TV screens once again!

    We chatted with Mary and she revealed these five musings on baking – and life!

    My worst ever cooking disaster was when I made a chocolate cake for Graham Norton’s show.

    Just before I wrote ‘Happy New Year’ on the top of the cake, our puppy jumped up and took a piece of it! I just patched it up, and took it to the show. I wasn’t cross with the puppy – it’s a dear little cocker spaniel.

    Life is too short to make puff pastry!

    Am I going to make puff pastry from scratch? No I am not. I will tell you the best brand to buy but I’ve got better things to do thank you.

    Most men that I’ve come across, are fairly meticulous, and look at cooking from a scientific point of view.

    I don’t think that makes them more successful cooks. After all, women have done it for much longer. Usually, men tend to lay down the law about what they’re going to and then can become rather limited. They specialise. They’ll say ‘I do barbequeing’, or ‘I do stir-frys’ and they usually end up doing whatever they’re doing very well, and get a lot of praise for it. Women tend to just knuckle down and get on with it.

    I really enjoy making family suppers.

    My classic signature family supper is a lasagne using sausage meat and crème fraiche. They love it and it’s very quick, it’s fried sausage meat – it’s delicious.

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    The thing that makes a good baker?

    You’ve got to have the passion for it to start with, and then you’ve got to be patient to get it right. Be accurate, and baking is a very simple science, and you’ve just got to learn it. Tray bakes are really great to make for a crowd because you can make a lot of cakes in a short time, in a roasting tin.

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