After Jimmy Carr apologises for legal tax dodging, should we use tax loopholes? Today’s Debate

Some people are calling the comedian Jimmy Carr a tax dodger, while for others he is simply using a completely legal ‘loophole’ to manage his financial affairs effectively.

Apparently Carr has been using a system that has allowed him to pay in the region of just 1 per cent income tax.

What seems bizarre, however, are the number of politicians who have entered the fray to lambast such behaviour and trounce Carr’s tax avoidance

But, hang on a minute, isn’t it up to the politicians to close down

any loopholes that allow tax avoidance? What Carr has been doing is within the law – so isn’t it the laws that need changing to make things fair and isn’t that what we pay our politicians to do?

Carr has now publicly apologised for his tax arrangements. Isn’t it time for our politicians to apologise for their failure to adequately tighten the system?

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