Good Morning Britain star Susanna Reid reveals all for the first time about her new relationship

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  • The presenter split with partner Dominic Cotton, 4 years ago, who she has two kids with.

    But the GMB star has spoken openly about her new relationship with millionaire and Crystal Palace chairman Steve Parish.

    The mum of three met her new boyfriend two years ago when she covered the American elections in New York. But admitted that the relationship didn’t start then.

    She told the Sun, in an interview, ‘I’m happy and it’s nice,’ before she went on to say, ‘There was a friendship first.’

    ‘We were able to have a bit of time together before (the news got out) and I know it’s out there now. But while it’s no longer a secret, it’s definitely private, so I don’t want to talk too much about it.’

    The former BBC presenter also enforced what her main focus is, ‘It was really important to me, post the split with Dom, that I focused on work and the children. So, yeah, I did that, and obviously they are still the major focuses of my life.’

    Susanna also commented on her weight, after fellow TV presenter Piers Morgan mocked her for being on the the ‘Crystal Palace diet’ following news of her relationship and a weight loss of 1st 9lb.

    But she revealed that it had nothing to do with her new relationship, but more to do with her BMI. “I think (the weight) had crept up over the years because you’re working hard bringing up children. So I thought let’s make a little change and see if that helps,’ Susanna admitted.

    ‘The doctor said it would benefit my health if I lost some weight, and when I started to be a bit more mindful about what I was eating I became aware of just how much I was grazing. This was the big issue for me.’

    While the 47-year-old also revealed how she had quit the gym: ‘I was finding that when I went to the gym it made me more hungry and I was just overloading myself,” she says.

    ‘I’m gently starting to go back. I still like to dance, and I do a little bit of Zumba, which I love. And I do want to go back to the gym regularly at some point but I needed to take it out of my schedule.’

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