Susanna Reid Has The Best Response To People’s Sexist Remarks Over Her Floral Outfit On Good Morning Britain

It’s no secret that we’re huge fans of Susanna Reid – and her penchant for a fabulous floral flock.

Earlier this week, we told you how you could get your hands on her beautiful Billie & Blossom shift dress for just £35. However, another of her recent outfit choices has become the subject of a media storm. 

Many were ‘shocked’ by her ‘risqué’ outfit choice, with one publication declaring, “Susanna Reid flashes serious cleavage in low cut dress on Good Morning Britain,” and another running the headline, “CLEAVAGE: Susanna left little to the imagination on the show today.”

Never one to be cowed by trolls or body-shamers, Susanna was quick to hit back on Twitter, posting a screen grab of one of the offending articles, accompanied by the comment, “I’m imagining you’d still have to use a considerable amount of imagination.”


Susanna’s followers didn’t hesitate to back her up, with one commenting, “What an utter non story,” as another cheekily exclaimed, “Oh Susanna, how could you? For goodness sake, won’t somebody think of the children?” Another mused, “They probably bought those X-ray specs out of the ads in the Beano.”

The Good Morning Britain presenter, whose Twitter page features a pinned tweet stating, “You know that feeling when you feel like you need more men telling you how to do your feminism right? No me neither” previously hit back at social media users who lambasted her for ‘failing’ to challenge the ‘questionable’ views of her controversy-courting co-host, Piers Morgan.

“Did you consider that criticising a woman you don’t know on a public forum for the behaviour of a work colleague might also be questionable?” she asked. “Newsflash: I might be a feminist, and a strong woman, but I’m not a superhero with miracle powers.”

Apester Lazyload