Susan Calman Recalls The Moment She Was Threatened With A Gun

Susan Calman has a strong following thanks to her career as a comedian and television presenter. And last weekend she wowed the public with her Wonder Woman-themed samba, delighting her loyal fans.

So when it was reported that she had faced ‘gun terror’, her fans and we were understandably worried.

Thankfully, it turns out this close encounter took place over 20 years ago. Susan was in America where she worked as a lawyer for seven years. She had a legal meeting with a woman who worked as a prison guard and had been accused of sleeping with an inmate.

When Susan began to ask too many questions, the client pointed a gun at her and told her to stop.

Recalling the event to The Mirror Susan said, “She told me she had a gun under the table and I should stop asking questions.

“We left. Of course you leave, very quickly!”

While in America, this wasn’t Susan’s only close encounter with a firearm. She also spoke about a time she visited a trailer park and gut shots were fired to signal that the people didn’t want to speak to her.

Given the recent tragic news of the mass shooting in Las Vegas, Susan’s experiences are even more poignant.

She said, “I am very grateful in this country we have the legislation that means that couldn’t happen here.”

With her time as a lawyer behind her, Susan will surely be relieved that she only has to handle to judges sharp-tongued comments and the gruelling Strictly training.

This week she is performing the quickstep to Morecome and Wise’s ‘Bring Me Sunshine’. This song is especially important to Susan as it was used as her first dance music for her wedding back in 2012.

She is appearing on tonights The One Show with dance partner Kevin Clifton and will likely spill all the beans on how she is finding the competition so far!

Strictly continues on Saturday at 18.45 on BBC One.