‘Special Treatment’ Of This Strictly Contestant Is Causing Tension On Set

Once the contestants get over their initial nerves and they see others leave the competition, Strictly gets that little bit more competitive. This year, it seems one celebrity is causing quite the stir as many think the person in question has an unfair advantage.

The Sun reported that Brian Conley’s competitors believe he has been receiving ‘special treatment’ because his brother, Alan, works on the show.

Alan is a long-time floor manager for Strictly and the other celebrities reportedly think that this connection is getting Brian better airtime on the show.

A source told The Sun, “Alan has worked on the show for years and his inevitable closeness to Brian has been putting noses out of joint. There is fury among a group who think Brian is getting special treatment.”

The source added, “Staying in Strictly and doing well is in no small part down to how your clips are edited and the airtime each celebrity gets, so having a family member on staff is bound to help.”

However, a spokesperson for the show has dismissed these claims as ‘utter nonsense’. Brian has also spoken out against the claims in a two-part video posted on Instagram.

Brian said: “If my brother was giving me special treatment, how come I was right at the bottom [of the leader board] the first week, and then in the second week I’m right at the bottom [again] and in the dance off?”

He added: “So he’s not doing a very good job, my brother…”



It is possible that the public just really like Brian’s performances. Last week his Wizard of Oz themed American Smooth went down a storm on social media.

One person tweeted, ‘To all those who said wrong person went last week I wouldn’t have wanted to miss that dance. Utterly charming Brian well done.’

Another wrote, ‘That was fabulous’, while a third said: ‘Yes! That was amazing, your best dance yet & so much lighter on your feet. Wonderful, you should be very proud of yourself.’

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Apester Lazyload